Lindsey Takes Out Obama


One of the things that makes me so angry with the irrational “fire them all” temper tantrum a bunch of conservative/libertarian narcissists are having is the fact that they’re willing to literally  throw the baby out with the bath-water and dump some wonderful Republicans in the House and Senate.

We have some great elected Republicans, Lindsey Graham being case in point.  He and John McCain appear to be two of our only elected officials who are constantly standing up and speaking out, hammering Obama on a daily basis.

It’s called leadership.

Do you really want someone in office who is nothing but a two bit twerp who panders to the demands of libertarians and the far right?  Is that any different than the two bit twerp who panders to the demands of the far left?

Lindsey appeared with Chris Dodd on the Stephanopoulos show this morning.  He had some very pointed things to say about The One (Incompetent).

It’s all about having the courage to take a stand, even when it isn’t popular.  Lindsey Graham is quite good at doing the brave thing, then holding his head up high when those about him are losing theirs and blaming it on him.  It’s called being a man.  It is a quality Barack Obama is sorely lacking.

“…GRAHAM: He’s certainly moving in the right direction, but our point is that there is a monumental event going on in Iran, and you know, the president of the United States is supposed to lead the free world, not follow it. Other nations have been more outspoken, so I hope that we’ll hear more of this, because the young men and women taking the streets in Tehran need our support. The signs are in English. They are basically asking for us to speak up on their behalf.

And I appreciate what the president said yesterday, but he’s been timid and passive more than I would like, and I hope he will continue to speak truth to power.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But Senator, you know what the White House has said in response. They say that they don’t want to become the players in this fight and actually make the protesters seem like they’re tools of the United States. Henry Kissinger agrees with the White House.

GRAHAM: Well, these people are not tools of anyone. They’re the ones getting killed. No one in America is getting killed over there.

Any time America stands up for freedom, we’re better off. When we try to prop up dictators or remain silent, it comes back to bite us.

You know, Ronald Reagan spoke in front of the Berlin wall, he said tear it down, he’s ready to negotiate. When he was silent on the 1986 election in the Philippines, said there was fraud on both sides, that hurt the cause, so I would — I would hope that the president would speak truth to power….

This regime is corrupt. It has blood on its hands in Iran. They’ve killed Americans in Iraq, innocent Iraqi people; now they’re killing their own people. Stand up with the protesters. That’s not meddling. That’s doing the right thing….GRAHAM: Well, my goal is to make sure that we do not lose this moment in history. If we could get the Iranian people to speak out — stand behind them as they speak out. They want more freedom. They want to be part of the international community. They do not like the way they’re being lead, the way they’re being isolated by the saber- rattling from Ahmadinejad. The supreme leader is losing credibility with their own people.

The regime, to me for the moment, is more important than negotiating about nuclear weapons. If we could empower the Iranian people by giving them the moral support they deserve, then — and do sanctions and stand tough against this regime.

It’s one thing for me to talk here in South Carolina about Iran, the people who are out in the streets in Tehran are losing their lives are the ones that I admire. And we’ve got a chance here to stand by these folks and give them the moral support we need.