Janet Contreras Exposes Herself as Anti-GOP, Anti-Palin


Is Janet Contreras a Ron Paul Bot and an anti-GOP Extremist?  Looks like she is!  She is a stooge for Glenn Beck.  I still think the letter was a plant, now I am even more sure of it.  This is something she posted on a blog. What fascinates me is that she surfaced on a rather trashy gossip and show biz blog and not a serious political site.  Interesting.

She wrote this about John McCain and Sarah Palin.

“…I think Obama took the election by storm because we had no candidate. I am so angry that John McCain was our pick, and then the whole shred Sarah thing. He won because we did not even believe in our own Republican ticket. It was an awful choice, and I think the Republican voters just laid down. I probably would have been just as miserable if the election had gone the other way. I feel the Party really blew it on picking our candidates….”

And she trashes GWB.

“…I don’t care what party did what. I want them to stop screwing around and take us seriously. It is no secret to anyone that Bush/Cheney had a terrible approval rating. No one here is singing their praises either….”

Freaks like Contreras and Glenn Beck are the ones who cost us the House in 2006 and basically handed the election to Barack Obama. They are third party losers who have this weird, narcissistic ego-driven nuts who think they are so important Republicans must PANDER to their personal requirements.

I have news for people like Ms Conteras, Grow Up and get over yourself.  You and people like Glenn Beck and that horrific get rid of Congress bunch are bordering on – can I say it – treason.  You want people in office who pander to your agenda and your desired.  I really can’t see much different between your spoiled brat associates and liberals who go around with their hands out.

“…What are your views and issues? Would you like to join us? Many have asked, what next? What can I do to help? We are organizing to make things happen. We do very much all need each other to succeed. If so, please make sure that you and anyone you know who shares our views have:

1. Signed the petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/8/an-open-letter-to-our-nations-leadership

2. Joined the 912 project: http://site.the912coalition.org/

We are not terrorists. We are not hiding. We can not fulfill our objectives by operating in numerous small cells. We need to centralize so our numbers are truly known. I suspect they are far greater than the signatures currently on the petition. Please act quickly. There is so much to do before the march on Washington on 9-12-09, the 2010 elections and the 2012 elections. Time is of the essence! Patriots unite!…”

Before getting into the whole argument about just who this woman is, my instincts on her are correct.  We’re not dealing with just a “humble” little grandmother here, but rather one of those crazy Arizona anti-GOP activists.

She has finally surfaced.  You might find the comments she is leaving on a specific blog rather interesting and rather revealing.  She is EXTREMELY anti-John McCain, and does not like Sarah Palin.

The woman is very much involved with Beck’s completely over the top 912 Coalition and is very much a Glen Beck groupie or flunkie..  She is also active in the anti-Republican “Kick Them All Out Project“.   And – ah yes – we’re dealing with RON PAUL BOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read this that she writes to the Fire Congress Group.  This woman is an activist.  Forget the “humble” lie.

“…I have contacted your goup through the Internet and have communicated with Bruce McDonald. Our goals and objectives are very compatible. We have asked groups to join the 912 coalition to be counted among the conservative voice of America. I am encouraging all groups and individuals to join the 912 project, because we need our numbers to be vast. I would love to see all of us together in one place where we can share our ideas and pool our efforts. There are so many really great groups out there. Can we bring them all together in one place, including yours? We are not suggesting that you would change your group to ours, only that your members would be counted in the totals. Your group would remain in tact, but we could share in your efforts and you in so many others. There are 435 congressional coalition districts that need populating. Your members would be able to talk with the 912 project members in the districts you are targeting, help us vet new candidates, join events and have them join your events….”

This sure reads to me like Contreras has been working with Glenn Beck and is quite familiar with his ding-bat organizations.  I told you the letter was a plant.  I still think it is.
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12 thoughts on “Janet Contreras Exposes Herself as Anti-GOP, Anti-Palin

  1. So you are all upset because she has principles, and stand by them no matter what the party line is?

    That is another reason Republicans lost. Folks like you that put power and party above the US Constitution.

  2. Still bearing false witness against thy neighbor, eh?

    How does that line up with your professed Christian faith exactly?

    Last time I checked my Bible it was pretty clear on the matter. (See Exodus 20:16)

    What part of “Thou shalt not” is confusing for you?

  3. Okay, I am here. Not a plant, not a Palin-hater. You got the John McCain part right. He needs to retire. If I demand my agenda, you’re right. Here is it: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Which is followed by the Constitution. Yes, I demand my agenda from all parties in the public service of this country. They swore an oath to uphold it and we must hold them to it.

  4. Janet (I hope you’re the real Janet)…. If you read a little bit on this blog you will find that Ms. Pelican is more than a tad bit nutsy.

    If you go through her posts on the matter of her letter you will find that she just flat out lies. Repeatedly.

    Then when called on it, she just makes up some more stuff.


    Anyway Janet, if you’d like to join us over at http://www.floppingaces.net we would love to hear from you.

  5. Sad.

    There are two cartoons today that capture the mood of many. For those of you who’ve been somewhere in the woods for the past week or so, President Obama has released those Chinese terrorists from Gitmo to go to Bermuda on our dime. Yup…

    PS. I can’t stand McCain either, but they better stay away from Sarah! At least I voted. Can they say as much? Even in the primaries!

    How are you doing today SJ? I am well. Still praying for the Iranian people and praying the mullahs would drop dead or recognize Christ. Is that wrong? If someone thinks so, they should read their Bible again!

  6. PSS. I still love President Bush, too, so take that! (To your commenters.) Do I like his domestic policies? HECK NO! That’s most of them. Would he have waited one whole week before he said anything about what is happening in Iran? The slaughter? No. How about NK? No. Rice was a very disappointment. Did you read the article yesterday about Rummy? I love that guy. Yeah, I guess I’m a so-called hack. I guess loving this country and those who also love it are nothing more than power-hungry war-mongers. *sigh*

  7. Seem Glenn didn’t try to figure our item Seven in the letter. Janet claims that ACORN is performing the 2010 census and is funded by money for manditory escrow fees.
    Actully ACORN and about 250 other companies are only recruiting the 1.4 million temporary workers need for the census. And ACORN Escrow Company has nothing to do with the “Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now”, i.e. ACORN

  8. My aunt Janet is not an extremist,nor is she a stooge for Glenn Beck. She is simply an American taxpayer WHO HAS HAD ENOUGH of the bullshit, and wrote a letter and was heard. Instead of writing this blog bashing her with your ignorance, why don’t you grow some balls and speak out for yourself. Perhaps you will be heard also, and can run against Janet for 2012 office AND GET SMOKED!

  9. Are you kidding me redhead? The country is congealing into a large group of the disaffected, and you want to ascribe legitimacy to the emerging voices in these tangential ways? Only peg noonan would be able to nuance your conclusion into coherance, but then againshe could also do the opposite if she wanted to, so she’s worthless. Way to deem your “instincts correct”. The electoirate thirsted for more Reagan Conservativism after his second term…so they enthusiastically elected GHWB. That’s when the current brand of liberal-lite-gop took over. How’s that workin out for ya? Sorry, we’ll purge you types and take the Party for ourself, since we’ve been the ones that have done best by the American people with it when we had it. Now go listen to Michael Medved – Conservative Republican

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