The New Mac Book Pro


I just had a WOW moment!

I’ve been playing with the new MacBook Pro all weekend.  It is a beautiful machine, fast, sleek, and quite full of movies and Star Trek episodes.

I do not like the mouse touch-pad when using it with Safari.  I can’t figure out how to prevent it from magnifying a page.  I’ve tried to turn the feature off, but have yet to achieve any matter of success.

On the other hand, I just now turned on Journey to Babel.  The episode is one of the remastered ones.  It is an Oh My Gosh moment – as though I’ve never seen it before.  The screen on the new baby is a 17 inch LED.  The picture is something from my Trekkie dreams.  The sound is a good as my Bose speaker.

You gotta get one of these machines!


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