The Evil Human Rights Agenda of Jimmy Carter


How did Jimmy Carter contribute to the brutal murder of Neda Salehi Agha Soltan? It may sound like a cheap shot, but for every action there is equal reaction.

When I first started listening to radio talk show host Michael Medved, I thought his epitaph for Jimmy Carter, The Worthless One was rather humorous but disrespectful.  After watching the deadly struggle the Iranian people are staging in an attempt to free themselves from the oppression directly caused by Carter’s “human rights” policy, I have decided that Medved is being quite generous in his praise for Carter.

Because of Jimmy Carter’s policies back in the 1970, women in Iran have been subjected to horrific and brutal mistreatment for over 30 years.

In 1979, Jimmy Carter, as the great champion of human rights, set up a series of events that eventually led to the Islamic Revolution. It is a cautionary tale of how a few hundred radicals can set up a string of events that can lead to the oppression of an entire nation.

I wonder how many people have died so Jimmy Carter can claim to have assisted Human Rights during the Isamic Revolution.

“…Are the Ayatollahs learning that hell hath no fury like 34 million women scorned, forced out of the workplace, harassed and humiliated by religious police for three decades?  I have noticed some of the bravest protesters in Iran have been women, including a few who have been without headscarves and showing a great deal more of their figures than the regime would approve….”