A Hitchhikers Guide to Sanford v. Sarah Palin


If Sarah Palin were to try some hair brained disappearance the way Mark Sanford did, her political career would be toast.  Sanford’s may also be in the skids when word gets out that Adam Fogel of the Palmetto Scoop is reporting that Sanford’s car has been found at the Columbia airport completely blowing his Hitchhikers Guide to Mark Sanford.

Brad Warthen pegs something Mark Sandford lovin’ conservatives do not comprehend, or refuse to do so because he talks such a good game.   Maybe he heard that Haley Barbour is testing the “waters” and went off to sulk.  The news that Sarah Palin is probably “prepping” for a run would be enough for someone like Sanford to go off in a snit.  Has he ruined his chances for 2012?

“…His staff, and some of his few remaining supporters, now that they’ve come up, very belatedly, with the “somewhere on the Appalachian Trail” explanation, are now trying to make like this is the most natural thing in the world, and that if there’s anything wrong with anybody…”

The Palmetto Scoop has the right idea referring to Mark Sanford’s disappearing act as “Waldogate”.  So far we’re getting two versions of the story.  Fogle also reports that Jenny Sanford has not spoken to Sanford and was busy with her children, emphasizing the “MY CHILDREN”.  Have the Sanfords split?  TMP has more, including the fact that as of Tuesday evening Jenny Sanford had not heard from him.  The Mrs. is vacationing on Sullivan’s Island.  Where’s “Waldo” Sanford and why was he seen in Atlanta at the airport?

Let’s try the girlfriend scenario again?

1.  Waldo Sanford was seen at the airport in Atlanta.

2.  Waldo Sanford was doing the Applachian Trail.

Having grown up in South Carolina, where we know a good bit about the trail, I am suspicious of this one, unless he was flying off to hike farther north.

TMP gets it right:

“…Sanford’s staff put out the word late last night that he’s hiking the Appalachian. Of course, it would be possible for Sanford to have driven from Columbia to Atlanta, boarded a flight to somewhere else on the trail, got off the plane, and embarked on his hike. But it doesn’t seem like the most logical way to do it….”

3.  Voting Under the Influence wonders if it isn’t a publicity stunt?  Then follows up with this:

“…Sanford’s lastest episode shows just how out of touch with real South Carolina people and families the Governor is. There are people who work hard everyday and face tough presssures of life who would love to tell their wives and kids and employers, “I have had enough, I am going to get away from all of you for a while. Talk to you when I get back.” However, those South Carolinians do not go incommunicado for a few days. Sure average South Carolinians might go fishing or take a hike, or down a few beers watching baseball with the fellows, but they tell family and friends, and even their employers and customers at times, where they are and how to reach them. It is called being responsible and being respectful to the people in your life that care about you and what happens to you….”

Obama worshipper Roland Martin said this of Sarah Palin. Let’s mention the ignorance of the left for a moment.  Martin was trying to denigrate Palin.  Instead he pegged the very reason Sarah Palin is Barack Obama’s worst nightmare and Waldo Sanford is an never-run.

“…Watching Palin now is like watching one of those corny Reagan movies you might find flipping through the satellite one late night. You stop for a second, watch this person try to act, and just give a dismissive laugh and keep moving on.Yeah, that’s pretty much my reaction to anything Gov. Sarah Palin does these days. She’s just a B-list actress playing a politician, making one bad movie after another….”

The same mind-set called Reagan a “B-list Actor” and made fun of his movie Bedtime for Bonzo.  That’s how they tried denigrating him.  Didn’t work.  Won’t work with Palin, either.

Speaking of Sarah Palin, another ethics claim bites the dust.

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  1. Now that the “esteemed Gov. Sanford” copped to an affair with an Argentine woman, I suspect that up in Wasilla, a certain mother of 5 (and grandmother of 1) is saying “Got another one to step aside.” BTW, kudos to Jenny Sanford for not being a “stand-by-my-man” prop.

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