BREAKING: Don’t Cry for Mark, Argentina, Sanford’s Weekend At Evita’s


Would someone please explain to The Pink Flamingo why AP political hack Beth Fouhy can take an article about Mark Sanford and turn it into a way to slander Sarah Palin?  If THIS isn’t further proof that the press is biased then please, tell me what bias is.  In fact, Fouhy was just repeating the AP Party Line, dished out by Rachel D’Oro on June 21.

SC’s Appalachian Trail hiking Governor, Mark Sanford is the gift that keeps on giving.  The only reason The Pink Flamingo keeps pointing out certain colorful character traits is simple:  Sarah Palin.

It’s all about the fact that aside from certain conservatives who think Sanford is the 2nd Coming of Reagan (even when presented with the facts) Mark Sanford is not a viable KO against Barack Obama and Sarah Palin is Obama’s Worst Nightmare.  Now that polling is out showing Palin a CLEAR FAVORITE among Moderates, the Obama Press Corps is going to do their unethical best to destroy her.

Now we hear that Mark Sanford may have been in Argentina.  Do you realize if Sarah Palin had been involved in something like this she would be even more the butt of vile political humor than ever?

But – is Letterman harping on Sanford?  (Actually, I don’t really know because I don’t watch him!)

According to FTS, and something The Pink Flamingo mentioned last night, Mark & Jenny Sanford are having problems.  NOW we have a logical reason for Sanford to have done the Weekend at Evita’s.

Why the heck not just come out and say they were doing the marriage counciling thing and avoid the dog and pony show.  I know, in the pathetic little GOP world of holier than God, divorce is the kiss of death at times.  So what! Half the marriages in the country end that way.

According to The Corner, Sanford is now “Toast”.  All they had to do was tell the truth.


To “recharge his batteries” (or to meet with Little Green Men), Mark Sanford was windsurfing, hanging on the beach, and resting.  He never bothered to tell his wife.  He never bothered to tell the Lt. Governor.  He never told SLED.

If this were Sarah Palin we would be treated to an onslaught of ethics charges.

According to The State, who says Sanford was met at the airport in Atlanta, considered doing the hiking thing.   The Pink Flamingo is beginning to wonder if the folks representing a certain well-known institution located on Bull Street were the ones to meet him.

When Sarah Palin went to speak at a much publicized Pro-Life event, she was met with derision, denigration, and threats of more ethics complaints from DNC bloggers in Alaska.

According to The State, Sanford arrived home a day earlier and an airport short to avoid the press, after his Chief of Staff told him to can it.   Sanford had been in Buenos Aires.  He told The State that he often took “adventure” trips like the one to Argentina.  Strange – how no one told the Mrs.

I TOLD  YOU SO:  Leave it to a liberal hack, Beth Fouhy, to turn Sanford’s Weekend at Evita’s into a Slam Palin hit piece that goes after Republican Governors in a slandering, irrational way.

“…And none has had a rockier go of it than the party’s best-known governor, Alaska’s Sarah Palin. The 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee has been dogged by ethics complaints and has engaged in public feuds with David Letterman and with Levi Johnston, the former fiance of Palin’s teenage daughter, Bristol, and the father of Bristol’s infant son.
Palin, whose vice presidential bid sparked a devoted grass-roots following across the country, has also angered GOP leaders in Washington for poor communication and for canceling appearances at party events and fundraisers….”


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