When “Bad” News Is Good News


The BAD NEWS:  Mark Sanford is an Episcopalian. Oye.

The GREAT NEWS is Sanford is out as Chairman of the GOP Governors and Haley Barbour, who is an inclusionist is in!  THERE IS ALWAYS A SILVER ELEPHANT LINING HERE!

For months The Pink Flamingo has been telling you about Mark Sanford, but would you listen…nnnnooooo!  Well – I TOLD YOU SO!

Sanford has been bad news as Chairman of the GOP Governors.  Having Barbour there is the best thing that could possibly happen to the GOP. Now we can get something done!  Sanford is so tight with libertarians, he is was a a danger to the party.

First:  I am impressed that Sanford had the courage to come out and admit the affair.  Most importantly, I like the way  Jenny Sanford is acting – no the good little political wife, but is protecting her children like a mama bear.

There, that took care of it.  I did, though, get a call from my mother this evening, reminding me about how she told Sanford off years ago.  She’s rather smug, also.

How Long Has The Affair Been Going On?

There are so darn many choices for your musical pleasure, but I think this one speaks for me tonight.  I suspect the little afair in Argentina has been going on for quite a while.  Several sources are reporting that he has been traveling back and forth to points exotic in South America (a few on SC’s taxpayer’s dollar) for quite some time.

If this were Sarah Palin and all those travel dollars…. That snitty little Celtic Diva person in Alaska would be having a cow trying to file ethics reports!.

The email… to Maria.