Letter to Congressman Harry Teague


This is a copy of the email I sent to NM 2st District

Dear Congressman Teague;

No disrespect is intended, but I am a very frustrated resident of this district. As a resident of the 2nd District, I feel as though I have absolutely NO representation in Washington, considering your  liberal voting record and the fact that you seem to be just another liberal Democrat who is intent on destroying our country,  our economy, and our future.

I wish I could say that I trust you are not going to be voting for Nancy Pelosi’s economy crushing cap/trade bill, but I have absolutely no hope that my voice will be represented in Washington.  Funny thing, I do feel my views are the same as  the views of the majority of people here in the 1st District.  This is a conservative district.  I really do not know anyone who is happy with what is going on in Washington.

The way things are going, I truly despair for the fate of my nation.  If this cap and trade bill passes it is going to be one of the single most destructive pieces of legislation ever passed.  There is no way a business can ever consider locating in the United States.  If it is passed, eventually it will lead to jobs lost and massive hit to our GDP.  If you vote for it, you will be part of the problem, not the solution.

I truly hope you will consider doing what is right and honorable and voting against a bill designed to destroy our economy.  It is a bill based on biased and junk science at best.  If you do vote for it and for the pending health care take-over, I, along with thousands of other Republicans in the District, will do everything in our power to see that you do not serve a second term.

Indeed, our future cannot handle additional terms of Democrats determined to support Barack Obama’s destructive policies.  Once all of this is over, I would truly not want to be a Democrat trying to run for any office in this country.  Right now, your Democratic Majority in the House and in the Senate and Barack Obama are doing more to insure the legacy of the GOP includes a future as bright as that of the sun.

Have you read all 900+ pages in the legislation?  If not, how on earth could you even consider voting for it?  Would you sign a 900+ page lease on a house, or a 900+ page legal document without reading it?  If so, then I would sincerely doubt your wisdom.  It is the same thing with these huge bills.  Anyone who votes for a bill so large, promoted so quickly and does not read it is basically someone who truly does not care about our nation and our future.

Right now I sincerely doubt anyone who votes lock-step with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama has any concern about the damage that is being done to our nation.  If so, they would be encouraging private investment, lowering taxes on everyone, completely doing away with the “death tax” and capitol gains taxes.  Someone who cares about this nation would be more interested in protecting our nation’s health care rather than passing legislation that is in effect a “kill the elderly” bill.  Anyone who cares about this nation could not possibly vote for this specific cap and trade bill.  Anyone who cares about this nation could not have supported Obama’s treacherous economy destroying stimulus bill.

SJ Reidhead


5 thoughts on “Letter to Congressman Harry Teague

  1. I wonder if you have read the bill either? If not, how do you know to so fervently oppose it? And if you have read it, which parts do you detest so much? Show me which parts you’re opposed to, and why. Let’s have a real conversation on the bill and the facts, instead of regurgitating talking points.

  2. Excellent letter. I also have written and called and faxed and even met in person with Harry regarding this fraudulent bill. He told me, face to face, that global warming is a lot of B.S.!! Wow so was he lying to me or saying what he thought I wanted to hear. I challenged him to a public debate on the scientific evidence for man-made global warming but no response. He doesn’t represent the 2nd congressional district on NM. He is there to support K street, Pelosi, Waxman, Obama, Gore, GE, Lehman Brothers, etc. who will trade carbon credits as commodities and bankrupt our nation. Our jobs will bleed from our country, my cost of living will skyrocket, my freedom will erode and all the while the scoundrels in D.C. get wealthier and more arrogant. It’s time to kick them all out of office. My question is who has read the 1200 page tomb along with the 300 page amendment introduced in the wee hours of the morning? The answer is NO ONE has read it. Harry Teague just another corrup political hack. Bogus science and fabricated costs will kill us. We must reelect no one.

  3. I love the talking points again. Can you show me how any of those things will happen? How will individuals begin trading these carbon credits (since they’re for polluting companies) and how will the trading of those permits bankrupt anything? How will Congressman Teague or any of the Democratic leadership profit from this bill? Show me those things as a start, and we’ll debate from there.

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