Palin, Fundraisers, Ethics Complaints, and Malicious Democratic Bloggers


Conservatives 4Palin spent the weekend headlining a web-athon to raise money for Sarah Palin’s legal defense fund.  The Pink Flamingo did not participate in the fundraiser for one simple reason.  Anyone who supports Sarah Palin should have already contributed to her legal defense fund!  (sounds snippy, I know)

Kudos go to the gang though for raising enougth money to settle about sixth of Sarah Palin’s legal fees.  They raised over $100,000 to go toward paying what is now listed at over $600,000 in legal bills caused by malicious bloggers like the Celtic Diva who have nothing better to do than make Sarah Palin’s life a living hell.

BTW – Celtic Diva, Linda Kellen Biegel, is trying to raise $5000 to help defend Andree McLeod from “malicious” attacks by Palin supporters.

As proof that Sarah Palin can’t win, another malicious Democrat, Andree McLeod now basically appears to want to file another ethics complaint – against Conservatives 4Palin – because of the fundraiser.  Will this ever end?

“…Anchorage activist Andree McLeod brought up the webathon as she urged the Alaska Public Offices Commission last week to begin regulating the governor’s defense fund.

She testified that there’s no oversight as national personalities are advertising the fundraising and “organizers are encouraging people who have already given the limit to give money to other people to send to the fund … please protect the public’s right to know what this rogue governor is up to.”

McLeod has had multiple ethics complaints against Palin dismissed, although, in response to one of her complaints, a personnel board investigator did recommend ethics training for a close aide of the governor’s.

McLeod gave the APOC commissioners a screenshot of a comment with Mansour’s name on it, left during an early morning discussion of a post on the Web site. “For everyone who gave the full donation … get your spouse, parent, sibling, child, etc. to give to. Heck, give ’em the money to give,” the comment said.

Mansour said she didn’t recall the comment when asked about it, but said she didn’t intend to try and skirt the self-imposed limit set by the fund.

“Encourage them to donate should have been the wording of it. This is coming from ordinary Americans, the idea that this would be undue influence is kind of silly to me,” Mansour said. On an earlier comment she’d asked people to “be creative but work within the rules.”…”


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