When South Carolina Politicians Screw Around…?


The Pink Flamingo is enjoying Mark Sanford’s discomfort. It reminds me of the Rita and John Jenrette saga, which raged from fooling around on the steps of the US Capitol, to Playboy.  When South Carolina politicians fall, they do so in a very big way, going down with style and and panache!  Mark Sanford is no exception.  I would link to the email, but what’s the use.  Let’s just sit back and enjoy the show.

Seriously, though, there are some very real problems here and it’s not the girlfriend.  Who leaked Sanford’s private emails?

Earlier today I spoke to my best friend, who still lives in Oconee County.  She called Mark Sanford, and I quote, a “Goober”.   She said no one liked him before Wednesday’ remarkable revelations, and fewer like him now.  Her take on the general concenses was that Sanford should resign.

I don’t give a rip about Mark Sanford’s affair with “Evita“. That’s Jenny Sanford’s problem.  According to my best friend, local sympathy is completely with her.  South Carolinians feel sorry for her, and feel she does not deserve her current lot on life.

Unlike many of the libertarian commenters who still see nothing wrong with Sanford, I think he should resign.  To me it has nothing to do with the adultery and everything to do with the fact that he may have been seeing her on the taxpayer’s dime.  I thought libertarians were against a lot of spending, but evidently having an affair is acceptable to them.

The reason Mark Sanford needs to resign is for the GOP.  Let Andre Bauer be Governor.  It may help the race in 2010.

You gotta love those libertarians – cheap shot, I know.

And, for once Glenn Beck got it right.  His monologue on Sanford was very true and very hilarious.

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  1. Tea Party: When & Where.

    The Tea Party is going to be held inside Bixby Park this time. I’ve been giving the address 130 Cherry Ave…It starts at 12 noon…I have 1 speaker (besides myself) confirmed, Candidate for School Superintendent Diane Lenning…

    PS. Your trackback doesn’t like me. :( This is the third time I couldn’t ping you. What to do? ;)

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