It’s Time to Take Out Harry Teague


I can’t do anything about those in other Congressional Districts, but here in NM’s 2nd District, IT IS TIME TO TAKE OUT TEAGUE.

I think that’s going to be our focus this upcoming election cycle.

Any takers?

The real question is whether or not the NM GOP can get its act together.  It is doing better, but the whole organization is rather pathetic at times.

The only real way to take our country back is district by district.  Voting for a third party candidate is only going to increase the Dem’s majority.  The only way to teach Nancy Pelosi a lesson is to destroy her filthy majority.

The war has begun.


9 thoughts on “It’s Time to Take Out Harry Teague

  1. Which issues and votes are you referencing? I just hate when these Congressmen are linked to the president or other leadership like that…of course most of all Congressmen–of BOTH parties–are going to vote with their own party most of the time. But Teague broke ranks on the budget, he’s a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment, and he’s been focusing on what the constituents of the district want very much by coming back every weekend and spending time driving to different cities to meet people and hear them speak. I just wish people would consider Congressman Teague on his own merits and not automatically link him to other people in the party who have different views than Mr. Teague.

  2. If he looks like a duck, and he walks like a duck, and mostly he votes like a duck….He’s a duck. Admittedly, if he is a strong 2nd Amendment supporter, we need to make sure whoever we replace him with is as strong or stronger. We must take away Obozo’s majority, 2012 is too long to wait to stop his destruction of the Republic.

  3. Good lord the ignorance on this page makes me sick. Grow a damn brain and think for yourself, just once in your life.

  4. No one asked you to read it.

    Maybe you might learn something but like other Democrats, I gather logical thinking is not a requirement, neither is critical thinking.


  5. SJ – we’re in agreement. Were you at the “townhall meeting” he had this weekend in Las Cruces. What a joke! Contact me if you would. I have a question for you.

  6. Voted yes on the climate/energy bill. This tax bill is going a impact energy bills in the most significant way ever. Doubling energy costs to the most vulnerable citizens and then providing income redistribution to those same individuals in the form of an energy rebate. In the meantime the energy cost increases will be ripping through the production costs of everything from apples to zippers. Your job and mine are now at risk if you still have one. What individual in his right mind is going to risk capital creating jobs in this political environment! Not one…

    No to T Harry Teague… Pelosi Lap Dog

  7. Independent Voter you should be able to back up your facts with data. The way I see T Harry’s voting record is 92.8% of the time with his Master – Pelosi. T Harry has missed 4 votes. Finally, T Harry voted yes on HR1-The 2009 Economic Package, voted yes on HR 1105-The 2009 Budget Bill, and voted yes on HR 2346-2009 Supplemental Appropriation amoung others.
    I can only assume that the budget vote that Teague “broke ranks” with Pelosi was S Con Res 13- 2010 Concurrent Budget Resolution, A non binding resolution which is not signed by the President and does not hold the weight of law! And it was a voice vote, hahahaha.
    Hey “Independent Voter” tell T Harry what a great job of CYA he’s doing.

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