UPDATED:Could Sarah Palin Become the “Alternate” POTUS?


UPDATED:  Sarah Palin acts like a real commander in chief in Kosovo.  Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s Accomplishments has all the details!

We are a beacon of hope of light for the rest of the world because we stand for  freedom.”
Sarah Palin

Photo by Courtesy of Sgt. L.Kalvaitis ( Ministry of National Defense Republic of Lithuania)
Photo by Courtesy of Sgt. L.Kalvaitis ( Ministry of National Defense Republic of Lithuania)

Ron DeVito posted what could be a very significant photo of Governor Palin and the L. Kalavaitis, Ministry of National Defense, Lithuania, that comes from Conservatives 4Palin.  The photo is terribly important for two reasons.  First, it shows Palin’s bonafides on the world stage.  Secondly, and this is probably something only a woman would probably notice.  Check Ron’s selection of photos and see how the Governor is dressed and her body language.   This is a woman in charge.

Deal with it!

While everyone and their liberal brother is taking cheap shots at Sarah Palin, she has been keeping on, keeping on, doing something rather interesting these days – LEADING!

How Sarah Spent Her Disappearing Time!
How Sarah Spent Her Disappearing Time!

Now that we know Moderates prefer her, we also know the reason The One (Incompetent) and his media attack machine is so determined to destroy her.  It looks like Sarah Palin is taking on a leadership role, doing the patriotic thing, while Obama keeps testing the wind and ordering hot dogs for his big bash with the Iranians next week.

From ADN Our Future Commander and Chief
From ADN Our Future Commander and Chief

In many ways it is all about bias, denigration, and doing anything possible to take Palin out.  Don’t worry, Sanford’s libertarian associates are the ones promoting him, and doing everything possible to go after her.  This is proof that libertarians are a bunch of idiots and abject losers.

Sarah Palin is as bad worse than George W. Bush on the Environment!  That sets her up as a real GOP leader!

From ADN - Sarah Plays Commander and Chief (At least she knows how)
From ADN - Sarah Plays Commander and Chief (At least she knows how)

Now we hear that our next GOP POTUS is heading to Europe to visit the troops, doing the Ronald Reagan/George W. Bush thing.  There are already interesting hints that she may be heading to the Middle East to visit our guys there.

““Got Fed ok for Adjutant Gen Campbell, Command Sgt Major Choate and me to travel to our Ak Army Natl Guard troops on Wed. Glad to go to them

From ADN - How a REAL Leader Acts!
From ADN - How a REAL Leader Acts!

Mark Sanford left SC to hang with Maria.  Sarah Palin has left Alaska – to play Commander and Chief of the Alaska National Guard!  She knows how to be a real leader.  Too bad Barack Obama can’t take a few lessons from her.

From the ADN - How It's Done!
From the ADN - How It's Done!

So, we have been treated to another round of anti-Palin denigration.  John Kerry mentioned that she is the one who should have gone missing.

John Kerry 2004 Dork Photo
John Kerry 2004 Dork Photo

Maybe John Kerry should not slam Sarah Palin. You might want to check the photos of SP and then the infamous Dork Photo of Kerry.   The whole idea is to take Palin out – she’s the odd’s on favorite right now, and the biggest danger to The One (Incompetent).


14 thoughts on “UPDATED:Could Sarah Palin Become the “Alternate” POTUS?

  1. I think Sarah Palin just needs more experience and has to do more “homework”. So she might be a far better politician. But at her current state she really would have been a bad vice president.

  2. A bad VP? Any worse than Biden by any chance?

    As she is right now Sarah Palin would be a far better president than the one we have now. At least she knows that the way to get out of a financial mess is stop digging a deeper hole. She has a deep respect for the military. She knows that the best way to national security, and providing jobs is to start producing more of our own energy, oil, natural gas, geothermal, and nuclear. The pres we have now thinks in terms of setting up windmills and inflating tires, that just isn’t going to cut it.

  3. Thinking about how far superior Sarah Palin is to that joke who is pretending to be POTUS is enough to make a person gag, that’s for sure!


  4. Anna, it’s unfortunate we share the same name, even worse your perception that Palin would’ve made a bad VP is moronic at best! What kind of VP is Joe Biden? Obama wants to lock that man up and throw away the keys. Even the State Run Media can’t help but comment on his “diarrhea” mouth. This guy is not fit for VP, let alone a public servant. Not only Palin would’ve made an awesome VP, she would have been a better Presidient. How’s the unemployment rate in your state?

  5. Anna, Sarah Palin would make a terrific president or VP! She takes time to get to know people, learn about the issues, and does NOT FIB! People make jokes constantly about what a pathological fibber Biden is. It’s mortifying that our VP is such a joke—but what’s worse is what a socialist Obama is turning out to be. Forget liberal; he’s at least a socialist, taking control of company after company. Sarah Palin at least is a patriot who as VP or President wouldn’t operate outside the Constitution!

  6. Grace — Are you serious? Why would you read anything that would make you gag. Believe you are on the wrong website or love to make snarky remarks against Sarah.

    Obviously you and the Adjutant General of the Alaska Guard are not on the same page as he praised Sarah’s support of the Alaska Guard troops and how much they respect her.

    Also bet you didn’t know that some states don’t pay for their Guard’s ticket home so they take it out of pocket and have to be reimbursed. Alaska doesn’t have that problem but Sarah is going to talk to other Governor’s about paying for the Guard’s tickets home. Now that is a real leader.

  7. Anna:

    How odd…you advise that Palin does “her homework”…but it is clear that you have NOT done yours.

    Experience? Let’s match the executive experience of Obama and Biden to Palin.

    ZERO to Nine.

    You wrote: “So she might be a far better politician”?

    Ah…I see, you want someone that can talk the talk as Obama does.

    I want someone who can actually walk the walk…hears where the people want to go and is not afraid to take us there.

  8. Nope, not on the wrong website, just making a comment as I read through my e-mails…or am I not allowed to do that?

  9. Palin = years of experience in executive positions, a son who is serving in the military, a husband who works hard and is a union member, a self-made woman, a mother, a regular person.

    Obama = a media prop with 143 days political experience before being elected President.

    To heck with comparing Palin to Biden – I’d put her up against Obama any day!

  10. Anna — Are you kidding? We have Biden as the VP and Sarah cleaned his clock in the debates not to mention that Biden has trouble with FACTS — his gaffe’s and lies are legendary including the accident that killed his family unfortunately — he even lied about that and you have the nerve to say anything about Gov Palin.

    Sarah had the Executive Experience to be VP which Biden never had. In fact, she was the only one in the race with Executive experience which the media seemed to ignore so they could pander to the ONE.

  11. Grace try reading your emails to yourself. Ignorance is bless, that way. Palin is one of the best historical symbol for women in our lifetime. Deal with it, wench!

  12. Anna, just to finish you off. At Obama’s current state we would be lucky to have a home, a car, a light bulb, and our health. SCRAM.

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