Obama’s Kill the Elderly Care


On Planet Obama, who is worthy of being saved?  Tuesday night The One (messiah) actually admitted not everyone in the US will be allowed health care.  His plans obviously reflect those of his owner, George Soros.

“…“Can we afford to care for the dying properly?  The number of people dying in the United States currently stands at 2.2 million annually.  Increases in cancer and AIDS and the aging of the baby boomers will cause this figure to climb faster than the population . . . [But] [a]ggressive, life-prolonging interventions, which may at times go against the patient’s wishes, are much more expensive than proper care for the dying…”

Barack Obama now endorses only allowing those HE considers worthy to live and to be allowed health care.  Sounds a little like other dictators who had the power of life and death, like Caligula, Nero, Hitler, Stalin…just to name a few.

Who is worthy?  I’m not. I’m an overweight Baby Boomer who has a history of melanoma and a very bad attitude.  I’m one of the first people they’d want to kill.  Are you?

Suppose someone who looked like me needed help in an ER.  Do you save that person, or the attractive youngish woman who comes in?  Under Obama’s plan the young woman, who may be nothing but a street hooker is worthy of life, but that over-weight aging Baby Boomer who just may be a Nobel winning scientist who has a cure for cancer would be allowed to die.

Scary, isn’t it?

What is even more terrifying is that is what has come of our society.  I guess there are those who are truly Godless.

During the ABC infomercial on health care Barack Obama basically endorsed killing people, or letting them die or suffer because it would be cheaper.

“...most civil, most intelligent president evah just said that healthcare could be cheaper if we don’t give old folks and the infirm the full measure of care they now get. It appeared that Obama said we should just let them die or suffer because they aren’t worth the effort. Imagine if Bush had said something like this? The left wouldn’t have hesitated to call him any manner of names….”

I guess Barack Obama just said that if my mother’s cardiac crises had occurred under his watch, instead of the valiant effort our local EMS did, saving her life, they would simply let her die.

“...I don’t think that we can make judgments based on peoples’ spirit,” Obama said. “That would be a pretty subjective decision to be making. I think we have to have rules that say that we are going to provide good, quality care for all people. “

In Red State, Warner Todd Huston wrote:

“…Originally, he said it was “healthcare for all,” but as of Wednesday night, it seems he’s “evolved” to say that only those worth the bother should get healthcare. The rest should be left to died and/or suffer. If he does any more “evolving” we’ll all be finding just who is “worth” what as far as he and his Democrats are concerned. Somehow I’d guess that many of you reading this today won’t quite be worth as much as certain others…”

The quote at the top of the page does not come from Barack Obama, but George Soros.  Evidently Obama is now channeling Soros and adopting his plans for eugenics.


In fact, it has dawned on me the best way to insure excellent care if Obama gets his way is to start filing lawsuits for bad care.  That doesn’t help the people who needlessly lose love ones, and it sure doesn’t help if you’re the person who is allowed to die, but then The One (all knowing) had determined that there are those of us who aren’t worthy of living.

Golly, didn’t we settle this on Star Trek?

After careful examination, I think there is a very good logic to selective murder, for that’s what it is.  If you deny people cancer treatments, kill the elderly, and only allow people who look a certain way and vote a certain way to survive, then you’re well into saving the planet.  Add unbridled abortion for birth control and in a few years you can quickly just go ahead and kill a good 100 million people.  Think of the savings in health care, cap and trade, and think how many people will not be around to destroy the environment.  Go ahead and kill another 100 million and we’re getting down to John Tanton’s requirement of just 90 million or so people here in the US.

Golly, and I though Obama was not bright.  He’s saving the planet by killing every one of us who doesn’t fit his plans.

I guess having a megalomaniacal narcissistic God-complex is good for something after all!

I wish I were sarcastic in writing this, but after reading what Obama  has been saying lately, it is obvious, given what he plans to do with the census and  health care, a whole heck of a lot of us are living on borrowed time.  I guess the easy way is to simply let people like me die.  It’s cheaper than internment camps and mass murder, which isn’t a good PR thing.  Just deny us health care.  We die, you win.


I shudder for the eternal soul of anyone who voted for this monster and his EVIL plans.  Anyone who advocates not allowing someone access to the health care we now have is truly evil.  It is called murder.

Once upon a time we had the greatest country in the world.  Now though, since the Age of Obama, we’re tumbling into a dictatorship where someone like Obama has control of our very life and death.

Does anybody care?

Does anybody see what I see?

Is anyone going to fight this or are we just going to roll over and wait for him to allow us to die?

May God Have Mercy on Barack Obama’s Soul!


2 thoughts on “Obama’s Kill the Elderly Care

  1. Thank you PF, this article is great, I have shared it with my viewers on FB, Twitter,Digg and Stumbleupon. Great article! Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks PF. You are not alone. We are fighting along side you in the trenches.
    I’m posting this to my sites. These demons, socialists, statists, marxists, etc. who have infiltrated our country must be
    removed from our government, our legislatures, our schools, our churches, etc. My ancestors died so that I could live in a democratic Republic, not under Socialism, Marxism or Obamaism. We will take our country back.

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