Lindsey Graham & Idiot Conservatives: Will Someone Shut That Man Up?


There are two wonderful lines in the opening scene of 1776.  John Adams is driving everyone crazy, and vice versa, because Congress is doing nothing but piddle…

After once again complaining, there is a telling line:
Will someone shut this man up?”
John Adams stops out of the room shouting, “Never! Never!”

Naturally conservatives who demand 100% purity and don’t like Lindsey Graham.  That’s okay, the same mind-set couldn’t stand John Adams either.  Lindsey says exactly what he thinks.  People don’t like honesty and honor, especially not conservatives (non Republican) who don’t  understand that this nation was built on leadership, compromise, and self-less behavior.

John Adams was willing to do what it took to secure Independence.  He was outspoken and courageous.  Right now non-GOP conservatives, you know, the spoiled, selfish childish brats who don’t give a rip about the country, only what they demand, are up in arms over some of the things Lindsey said on Sunday.  Sorry, but Lindsey tells the truth.

John Adams was too obnoxious and determined to be considered a leader.  Ben Franklin was a womanizer.  Thomas Jefferson was a love-sick groom.  George Washington was an abject failure.  Sam Adams was a boozer and a lout.

Today these men would not be able to make the conservative purity cut.  Golly, Lindsey is in good company!

In 1994, when SC’s entrenched 3rd District Democratic Congressman Butler Derrick decided to quit while the going was good, the first person Lindsey Graham, a member of the SC State House called was his political mentor to discuss the situation.  The second person he called when he decided to run for Congress was your humble blogger.

Within a few days I saw what the MSM and a few honest bloggers are starting to see, Lindsey is a leader.  The few of us who sat at a table watching him trying to figure out how to raise money for that first campaign knew that he had the potential to be one of the great leaders in this nation.

I love being right.

So now, both liberals and far right conservatives are trying to do to Lindsey what both sides of the story wanted to do to John Adams.  They wanted to shut him up, to make him sit down and quit trying to be a leader.

Please my dear friend, just tell them “Never! Never!”

Instead of reinventing the wheel, The Pink Flamingo has written a series of articles about Lindsey and his background, the adversity he faced, and what a man of decency and honor he truly is.

I get so tired of people saying things about my friend that aren’t true.  Don’t you get tired of seeing jerks kick around friends when it is not warranted and what they are doing and saying is not true?  That’s how I feel about the way liberals and conservatives are treating my friend Lindsey.  It’s too bad they don’t know what a remarkable man  he truly is, and know his honor and decency.  But, then they would be forced to admit they are wrong.   That will never happen.

It’s too bad.  Lindsey is the finest man who has ever served in Washington.  So he has a little vice – golf.  Lindsey is a Christian.  He is a patriot.

Honest comments like this get Lindsey in trouble with idiot conservatives.

“…“You know, one thing long-term about this party, the demographic changes in this country are real. We lost ground with Hispanic voters because of the way we behaved and the things we said on immigration. Obama won younger voters because of the image he projected and his positive agenda. But the biggest loser for 18 to 34-year-olds, in my opinion, is the Obama agenda. They’re the ones going to have to pay for this massive government. …”They’re the ones going to lose choice in health care. So demographically and with young people, we’ve got our work cut out for us. We’ll do well in 2010, but I’m worried about 20 years from now. For us to do better, to be a party, not a club, we’re going to have to adjust.”…”

To highlight the abject stupidity and ignorance of the MSM, all Lindsey did was be Lindsey.  He’s been this way for years.  Some crazy reporter picks up on it, and all you know what is breaking lose.

“…Does one solid performance on a Sunday show mean that Graham is the new “it” guy for the GOP? No. But the notoriously private Graham seemed to signal on Sunday that he is ready to take more of a leadership role.

“I can be a leader on an issue, quite frankly,” Graham told MTP host David Gregory at one point. Asked to name other leaders later in the interview, Graham said: “A guy like me who’ll try to find common ground on the issue on immigration.”

Graham has shown little inclination or interest in running for national office, and it’s significant that he was not even mentioned in the veepstakes for McCain in 2008.

But, for a party who has seen a number of its “rising stars” drastically reduced in recent weeks and its best known faces repellent to the independent voters they must win back, Graham is the sort of person that the GOP would do well to put forward.”


P. S.  If you harken back to 1994, someone might just remember who it was that said Lindsey Graham will one day be looked upon as someone who should lead the GOP and the Nation.  Yep – it was The Pink Flamingo.


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