UPDATED: King David’s Dirty Laundry


UPDATEDThe Palmetto Scoop reports that SC’s playboy Lt. Governor is perhaps planning a palace coup.  Things in Columbia are getting more interesting by the day.  You gotta admit, when they do it in South Carolina, they do it well, better than any other sex scandal in the country!

Did you catch Bauer on Huckabee?

He’s not as “light weight” as some are saying.

This is going to be fun.

ORIGINAL POST:  The other day Mark Sanford compared his woman troubles to King David!  I kid you not. I only mention this because it proves what a (you supply the word) he is.  I TOLD YOU SO.

Look, I’m enjoying this.  Give me a break.

Because Mark Sanford is, God help us all, a fellow Episcopalian, he ought to be familiar with what happened to King David as a result of his little problem with Bathsheba.

I just can’t imagine the ego….!

Seriously the whole discussion in GOP circles is what happens if King David Mark Sanford resigns and Andre Bauer actually turns out to be a decent governor.  He couldn’t be any worse.  We all know he’s something of a womanizer, but at least he’s not married.  How bad can that be?

Somehow I just can’t see Mark Sanford channeling Gregory Peck!