UPDATED: When Will Sanford Resign?


UPDATED:  This story may be breaking quickly now. Basically Lindsey, Gresham, and Jim DeMint have pulled the plug on Sanford’s life support system.  I don’t think it’s going to be long now.

ORIGINAL POST:  SC’s sometimes annoying FTS is reporting that there is a “Come to Jesus” moment going on behind the scenes in SC between Mark Sanford and his “close” advisors.  Evidently the gig is up and Sanford needs to high tail it out of Columbia and head for Argentina to take the waters.

Look for Mark Sanford to either resign during the MJ state funeral, or after it.  It all depends on how much attention he actually wants.

Can’t you just feel the love?

A serious student of politics in SC might ask the following question:

Will Sanford’s little problem change the way the SC Legislature handles the Office of the Governor?  Until the late, very great Carroll Campbell’s day, SC’s governor was one of the most impotent governors in the country.

It’s all about the Colonial days, Reconstruction, and very bad governors, knee-capped by the state house.

Will they step in and take away what power the governor has – again?