McCain v. Palin v. Romney?


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How much longer are Republicans going to put up with this do-do?

Things are not that bad.

We’re dealing with Democrats who are insulting the last four letters of the word “democRATS”.  Obama is growing more and more incompetent by the day.  Even Helen Thomas is turning on him.  His con job is starting to be exposed to the light of day.  He made a huge mistake not backing the freedom fighters in Iran and backing the Marxist in Honduras.  Unemployment will soon hit double digits.

Republicans are idiots.

I simply cannot find another way to nail it.

We are idiots.

The problem with Republicans is the fact that we are too nice.

We’re putting up with the you know what thrown at us by the Dems and by conservatives.  Then we must put up with that freak Glenn Beck.  If the Dems take the House and Senate again in 2010 it will be Beck’s fault.

The latest mantra is how bad John McCain is and what a horrible campaign the man run.

How the H – E – Double – Toothpick can a man who pulled nearly 60,000,000 votes be considered a failure or having run a bad campaign?

When are we going to point fingers where they belong?

When are we going to admit that Barack Obama ran the most vicious, crooked campaign in history?

Why can’t we simply the truth?  Obama is dirty.  He is a crook.  He is a cheat.  Barack Obama and Michelle Antionette are EVIL.

Conservatives who are honest and decent are being stirred up on a daily basis by moron conservatives like Glenn Beck.

Liberals are constantly harassing us.

We need to stand up to both groups.

Someone is pulling a bunch of strings, turning one against another.  I would like to say it is the Romney camp, but I don’t think they are that good.  Let’s put the blame right where it belongs – the Democrats.

We have some wonderful Republicans in office, but to hear liberals and to hear conservatives they are a sorry lot.

Interesting, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “McCain v. Palin v. Romney?

  1. Ms Reidhead,
    You have to stop bashing Glenn Beck until you have watched 3 entire shows. When I first saw him, I thought he was a nut. I watched a little bit of another show and was annoyed and aggravated by the drama, sarcasm and well “over the top” stuff. Then I actually watched a show, and listened to what he was saying, not how he was saying it. I’m hooked. There isn’t anyone spelling out what is going on in DC the way he is doinging it. It is the only show that walks you through all of the bull of Washington, Acorn,Corruption and connections like Beck.
    My spouse finally stopped saying turn that nut off, and watched a show. He is on board too.
    Please do not fall into the “Leftist” group of judging things you know nothing about.

  2. I will quit bashing Glenn Beck when he quits bashing the GOP and starts telling the truth about it. I think he is doing a great job on ACORN. I’ve said that all along. That’s what he needs to be doing, not destroying the Republican. I know of three good Republicans who have turned on the party because of Beck’s do-do and one of them is a member of the RNC. If we lose the House and Senate this time, we are lost as a nation, and Beck is one of those who will be the cause.

    Tell me, are you a Republican?

    Do you plan to vote GOP?


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