Idiot Dems Plan Obama’s 3rd Term


God Help Us All!

Some idiot Dems are trying to repeal the 22nd Amendment so Bambi can have a 3rd term.  Poor idiots don’t realize that there are two words standing his way and a 3rd term nomination:  Bill Clinton – tanned, rested, ready, bored.

Also – if the 22nd is repealed, we can bring back George W. Bush!

On January 6, 2009, Congressman Jose Serrano introduced legislation in the House of Representatives to Repeal the Twenty-Second Amendment.   Read more and you will find it really isn’t an Obama thing – but rather a Jose Serrano thing.

The process takes 7 years.

Third Term?

Do you really think Bill Clinton, no matter how old he might be, would lt this one go by?