The Conservative – Libertarian War Against the GOP


Are you as tired of the far right attack machine as am I?

Regular Pink Flamingo readers are well aware that I have a serious problem with a certain kind of “conservative”. My complaint has nothing to do with normal average regular day by day conservatives, but with a handful of ultra right, showman, egotistical, third party hypocrites who are nothing but self-serving aggrandizing mentally defective individuals who must collect followers in order to be full-filled. Prime examples are Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ron Paul (and his Bots), anyone connected with Vdare, the former editorial staff of the WTimes, Robert Stacy McCain included. Then there are the self-serving Libertarians like Neal Bortz and Michael Savage. This is the Conservative Hall of Shame. They will do ANYTHING necessary to maintain their choke hold of power and the limelight.

Thus said…

You want to know the real problem with Republicans and Conservatives (deleting the above of course) is? We’re too darn honest, honorable, trusting, and willing to believe anyone who says they are a “conservative” because of those exceptional character traits. All one of the members of the Conservative Hall of Shame needs to do is reference Ronald Reagan. Thanks be to the blathering of Rush Limbaugh and his unceasing worship of a Reagan who never existed as Limbaugh remembers him.

“Conservatives” have created a false image of Ronald Reagan, making him far more conservative than he actually was. The most actively revision history, and their own history are people like Richard Viguerie who spent much of Reagan’s time in office demanding he either resign or not run for re-election. Evidently Reagan wasn’t conservative enough for people like Viguerie, who are in control of the message.

And you wonder why so many of us are not all that “conservative”. We’re just following the real Reagan and not the fake one created by men who truly despised him. And, they have created monsters. They have destroyed the real Reagan, primarily to destroy GWB.

From AJ Strata:

“…Through 100 days of a radical shift to the left the conservatives have been so hot headed and out of whack that America has turned to Obama as the preferred option. The conservative right is out of control, and now openly attacking America and Americans as they sink deeper and deeper into historical oblivion. Remember, to these people George W Bush, John McCain, John Kyl and other GOP leaders were traitors to the cause. They were moderates who created the Gang of 14 (a huge success), the prescription drug option in medicare/medicaid (a huge free market success), the Iraqi Surge (while many on the right bailed) and a chance to reform immigration and win over the most prized segment of the electorate – the rapidly growing hispanic voters (being voters they are Americans and deserve respect and a voice at the table)…”

How long are we going to put up with their ….. I can’t think of a better word, so I’m just going to come out and say it, “S – T – U – P – I – D – I – T – Y”?

Maybe I should be using other words:

and – losers

They cost us the 2006

Regular Pink Flamingo readers probably know I’ve been very annoyed with Newt Gingrich for a misc. list of items. When he spoke  at the NRCC gala he said exactly what I wanted to hear him say.

“I am happy that Dick Cheney is a Republican,” Gingrich said at the annual Senate-House fundraising dinner. “I am also happy that Colin Powell is a Republican.”…”A majority Republican party will have lots of debates within the party,” Gingrich, the former Georgia congressman, said. “That is the nature of majority parties.”…”

I’ve noticed something about the far left and the far right. They both hate the same person. If an elected official tries to be a good Republican, like George W. Bush they are trashed by everyone but those of us in the middle who maintain our reason.

Don’t you get tired of lashing out in an irrational way at someone because some over the top ego like Glenn Beck or Michelle Malkin tells you to? From what I can tell there is a whole group of conservatives and libertarians who are no different from mindless Obama Bots. It is amazing how the fringes of each side play follow the leader and surrender their right to make rational and reason decisions based on the facts – and not a bunch of lies told by far right loons who are just as dangerous as far left loons.

Take Tom Tancredo, please.

Hot Air has Tancredo’s latest stupidity. He has likened LaRaza to the KKK. He ought to know about the KKK considering some of his friends, esp. little Marcus Epstein will be sentenced for hate crimes.

The whole idea is to harm the GOP, obfuscate the actual facts, and make as much trouble as possible.

We are not taking about conservative Republicans, among who are some very annoying individuals like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. We’re talking the Glenn Becks, Sean Hannitys, Michelle Malkins – those who are NOT Republicans. We’re talking the Ron Paul Bots, who are doing everything possible to make trouble.

And so, idiots within the GOP who are conservative, cannot even comprehend that the enemy is from the far right, not the moderate middle. The Ron Paul Bots and libertarians are attempting a take over of the GOP. If they can work and play with others fine, but when they start their purity drive to condemn and excommunicate anyone who isn’t “pure” like they are, then they need to be stopped.

In another Pink Flamingo I TOLD YOU SO, The Pink Flamingo has been telling you there are certain hard-core libertarians who are doing everything possible to destroy Sarah Palin.

Libertarian Karen De Coster, in Taki’s Magazine called Sarah Palin a “trained monkey”. When someone makes an inference like that about Barack Obama it is an attack. When it happens against Sarah Palin, liberals and libertarians laugh.

De Coster writes:

“…Be mindful that Bachmann is actually intelligent, unlike Sarah Palin, who is a trained monkey and came out of nowhere, thanks to her gender, sprightly sparkle, and the problems with McCain’s uninspiring, snooze-a-rama campaign….”

The liberal Colorado Independent reports that the GOP is doomed by its hopeless devotion to Palin. I guess this is the voice of doom then.


4 thoughts on “The Conservative – Libertarian War Against the GOP

  1. The problem in the GOP among conservatives is you got about 7 factions of conservatives that just attack each other. I believe in the ole fashion primary system. We debate in the primary and then we go with the winner that in general we agree with on 70 percent of the issue. Much better than the alternative of having someone that we disagree with 70 percent of the time.

    I respect the Libertarian voice though I am not one. What should be noted is that we are getting an unbalanced view of that voice. For instance on immigration many are truly for open borders(which I disagree with) but they are allies as to immigration reform. Somehow Ron Paul has become the lone Libertarian voice which is sort of nonsense

    In the end the following factions have to get along
    THe Paleos
    The Libertarians
    The Social Conservatives
    THe Religious Right
    THe Cruncy Cons
    THe Neo Cons
    THe Defict Hawks
    The Club for Growth Folks

    THe problem with the 2006 election was we were fighting each other so much we forgot we had a general election coming

    The second problem is pundits. Notice even on Sunday Morning when you would elected officals talking there is shift more to pundits talking. I have noticed this as ABC’s This Week. How can we have leadership in the GOP if done of our elected officals are getting publicity. I don’t think the pundits(that have a financial stake in this want that to change). When can I see someone I lect on TV. In Louisiana believe it or not 3 of the Republican Congressmen are DOCTORS!!! We might want their insight on all these Health Care proposals. But what do I get. Hannity interviewing Malkin about what democrat pundit said. WHo cares!!!

    I can understand that a conservative does not have to be a Republican. But for people like Hannity(that proclaims I am conservative not a Republican) they certainty meddle a lot in GOP politics and threatening X Y and Z if they don’t get their way. The problem is these pundits never really encourage people to get involved in the party and do the grunt work!!! I work in the GOP doing the grunt work and work with people in all the above factions. We might disagree sometimes but perhaps we realize that people can differ on a few issues and that is not some great heresy. In other words we are normal people.

    What people need to recall is that most rank and file GOP and conservatives are not listening to the Pundits. I mean Rush, Hannity and other were daily without end saying Huckabee and McCain were huge threats to the GOP and must be put down. What happened? Well most voters ignored that and who were lat two standing. Huckabee and McCain. That seems to have been forgotten and no doubt they wish it to be. But it happened

  2. This is very odd, cause we libertarians are among the strongest of Sarah Palin supporters. In fact, the three of us who founded “Draft Sarah Palin for VP,” in 2007 are/were libertarians and libertarian-conservatives: Stephen Maloney, Adam Brickley and myself (Editor of Libertarian Republican.)

    Sarah is for all intents and purposes, the effective leader of the GOP’s libertarian wing. Any person claiming to be a “libertarian,” and attacking Sarah is not a real libertarian, but rather some liberal usurper within out movement.

  3. You keep that line of thinking going and we may just agree on a lot more.

    My real problem with libertarians (the “Big L” ones) is they are all idealism and no pragmatism. There’s nothing wrong with being a Republican with a libertarian streak. My beef is with people who are so closed minded all the see are marching orders from some mythical glorious leader who once wrote a couple of books.


  4. My friend, I may ‘steal’ some of this from you. Good stuff. About a month ago I finally figured out that I am a Neo-con (after I figured out what they are). You’re darn right I’m one.



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