Breaking: UPDATING: Did She Step Down as Governor?


FIFTH UPDATE:  “No more politics as usual.”

UPDATED:  Now we are hearing that Sarah Palin has stepped down as governor, but is it permanent or a temporary thing? Drudge is reporting that she will not seek a 2nd term.  The hit media is reporting she will quit as governor.

FOX now reports she is resigning at the end of the month.

SECOND UPDATE:  What is going on here?  There are those who think she is betraying Alaska by stepping down and others think it will help her run.

THIRD UPDATE:  Is she planning to go national, quickly?  She is throwing her support behind the Lt. Governor.

FOURTH UPDATE:  Watching the tape the woman is not broken.  She’s upsetting the applecart and “effect change”.  She’s going to do something.  You need to note the color she is wearing:  GOP Red.  She’s setting up the Lt. Governor to win next year. It is also about the ethics complaints and the costs.  Oh, this woman is running.  Of course Piper stole the show, again.

Don’t ever think this woman IS NOT running.



Hold on to your hats boys and girls, we are one step closer to THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  According to Carl Cameron sources are reporting that Sarah Palin is NOT going to run for re-election as Governor of Alaska.

Soon to Be Tanned, Rested (if a mommy can be) and Ready to Run!I wonder what her detractors in Alaska are going to be about that one.  Poor little Celtic Diva will need to find someone else to kick around for awhile.

As for the VF hit piece, The Pink Flamingo has been quiet about that one simply because we’re dealing with a re-hash from the usual sources who caused the wardrobe malfunction last fall.

What a difference a year makes.

Last 4th of July, aside from the State of Alaska, about the only people who knew about Sarah Palin were Fred Barnes, Adam Brickly, Stephen Maloney and The Pink Flamingo.  Today she is the GOP front-runner.

Note to Barack Obama:  Uneasy lies the head that wears the hollow crown.