GOP’s Death Greatly Over-Promoted


One question:  If the GOP is DOA, why is it possible to do some damage in the Northeast in 2010?  That’s not a sign of a dying party.

Barack Obama could be the very best thing to happen to the GOP in a few years.  Things have reached the point where I think Eric Cantor is right – the GOP is going to win big next November.  Is it possible all the GOP needs to do is to be the party of “No Bama“?

The reports of the GOP have been greatly exaggerated, to borrow from Mark Twain.  I’m beginning to think one of the reasons we’re hearing all this you know what about it is to prop up the Dems.

I think the great under-reported story is the growing feud and problems within Dem circles.  Face it, there is no honor among thieves.  The problem is, you are not hearing a word about problems within Dem circles, or those who might not stand behind Pelosi or Reid if they appear to be vulnerable.  Instead, we are being inundated with how the Sanford thing is such bad news.

This really doesn’t add to “GOP Woes“.

Who the heck has been promoting him for the GOP nomination besides a few idiot libertarians, Glenn Beck, and Mark Sanford?  Reading what the NYTimes has, it has dawned on me that Sanford might be the MSM choice for GOP 2012.  Why?  Simple.  Obama could beat the you know what out of him before – and after.

“…Then Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, a fiscal conservative seen by many Republicans as an attractive standard-bearer for the next presidential campaign, went missing. Worse, he returned….”

Give me a break.  I don’t really know of any REAL Republicans who were taking Sanford seriously.  The ones promoting him are the Palin-hating libertarians.

If Dick Cheney’s #’s are going up...can the GOP be far behind?

Then there is this dirty little piece of information:

“…meanwhile, Rasmussen Reports recently identified three consecutive weeks when more people supported unnamed Republicans than Democrats in next year’s congressional elections. This is only the fourth time in more than five years of Rasmussen polling that the GOP has held such a lead.

Even more shocking, CNN/Opinion Research Corporation reported on May 21 that Dick Cheney’s favorability rating has increased eight points since he left office in January, while George W. Bush’s is up six points.

Hours later, CBS’s Bob Schieffer, commenting on the “Early Show” about the previous day’s much publicized sparring between Cheney and Obama, said the former Vice President is winning the debate on national security and enhanced interrogation techniques.

This came just days after California, a state which often starts political trends in the nation, overwhelmingly rejected ballot initiatives that would have increased taxes to pay for exploding budget deficits.

Finally, a USA Today/Gallup poll released Monday found Americans by more than 2-1 don’t want the detention center at Guantanamo Bay closed, and by more than 3-1 oppose moving detainees to prisons in their own states.

Respondents also overwhelmingly sided with the views of Bush and Cheney that the detention center made the United States safer with 40 percent saying the prison strengthened national security versus only 18 percent believing the opposite was true.

Add it all up, and America seems to be responding to the leftward shift in Washington much as they did the last time Democrats controlled Congress and the White House….”

Ronald Reagan was asked a question, How does the cold war end? We win, they lose. What I want my president to say is that the outrage and appalling events in Iran have consequences and this regime will pay a price. As president of the United States, there will be no more business as usual….” Lindsey Graham

Contrary to what we are being “told” the GOP has a TOP REPUBLICAN. Unfortunately that Top Republican is not exactly the one GOP insiders want. That person IS VERY MUCH NOT the person Obama’s brain dead fans want. That person – SARAH PALIN!

Obama, his worshipers, Glenn Beck, the Libertarians, and the MSM all want us to think there is no leadership within the GOP. We’re in a losing year. Get it over it and get a life. We have some GREAT leaders in the GOP. Case in point, just witness what one idiot Obama sycopath said about John McCain and Lindsey.

“…Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham will never back off of their attack of President Obama, even if their logic is unfounded. Whatever the issue at hand, these close-minded senators will take the opposite position of our President, damn the effects on the people. They do not care one whit about whether or not the people of our country, or Iran, will get the help they need. These purposes are secondary to destroying the Obama administration and reclaiming themselves as the ruling party….”

Anyone with half a brain knows that Obama has the leadership skills of my toy poodle – without the brains. Just look what he said. We’re not exactly seeing leadership skills here. Only a narcissistic idiot would come up with the following.

“…Barack Obama on the impact of his Iran statements versus those of Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham: “All of us share a belief that we want justice to prevail. But only I am the president of the United States.”…”

Then there is the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth done by libertarians and Obama’s MSM over Mark Sanford. You aren’t hearing Republicans complaining. The best thing that could happen is getting him out of the GOP Governors leadership and putting Haley Barbour in his place!

Where is this leading? Aside from Sarah Palin, another figure is emerging as a major GOP leader. The problem is no one is paying that much attention – well Republicans aren’t. Dems are, considering how hard they are slamming Lindsey. On Greta he went after Obama, again. Of all our Republican elected officials, Lindsey and Sarah Palin are the ones who are most consistent in the fight to save our country. There aren’t many Republicans who are speaking out as forcefully as is Lindsey.

“...All I can say is I don’t want to be the story here. I want the president to do the things that I think would change history at a moment in time when history can be changed. I would like him to do more. I would like him to make a — he’s moved audiences in Germany, in Egypt, in Chicago. He should, in my opinion, use a grand stage. Go to the Statue of Liberty and speak out about this young lady and all the other people who are dying in the Mideast to try to change the culture and stand up to extremism. But that’s his decision to make.

When he says things that I think will help the situation, I want to say, Well done, Mr. President. Today was a “well done,” but it needs to be built upon. It needs to be — you know, don’t say, I don’t know how it ends, I need to be cautious. Tell the world how it should end, what should happen. Whether it will or not, nobody knows, but I want the president to speak about how it should end.

The young lady didn’t know how it would end, but she risked her life. Surely, as a nation, we can risk offending this regime. We’ll never be in their good graces, and they’re no longer legitimate in my eyes. I can’t imagine sitting down with the same people who killed this girl and negotiating anytime soon.

He had a view after the election that he could talk the Iranians out of getting a nuclear weapon. Now their own people have turned on the regime, and we don’t need to do anything to give the regime a signal that business as usual will go forward because it cannot after the murders….”