Sarah Palin Is Not Dead


UPDATED:  Sarah Palin is Twittering her speech.  If she were not up to something, why be Twittering?

ORIGINAL POST:  Conservatives who dislike Sarah Palin are damning her for speaking from her heart and not Tele-Prompter.  Interesting, isn’t it?  They are also damning her.

Yid With Lid has the full text of Sarah Palin’s speech, which is being laughted at by liberals and shredded by those oh so superrior Romney conservatives.  What fascinates me is the fact that the same conservatives, the inside the Beltway ones, are still coming up with ways for Mark Sanford to make a come back.  Go figure.

To be fair, Brad Blog is reporting that liberals are reporting that an indictment is in the works over the building of the Palin home.  If this weren’t old news and just another way to destory Sarah Palin, I would not be ignoring it.

There are those who are furious at her timing, late in the (Beltway Time) afternoon on the Friday before the Fourth of July.  From what I gather Haley Barbour may have had a head’s up on this one.

According to the Huffy Post, Sarah Palin is going to be turning herself into the national leader we need against Barack Obama.  You go girl!  Like AJ Strata says, she’s running!  Conservatives 4 Palin is having a wake.

I agree with AJ Strata that SP is setting her Lt. Governor  up to do an end run around any primary season and be the incombunt going into 2010.  I also think part of it is due to the un-ending barrage of ethis complaints dumped on her.   She is a prisoner in her own state due to the nasty, absolutely vicious Dem bloggers who have made a mockery out of “ethics” complaints and cost the state millions of dollars.

Do you really think they would allow her to write a book and not damn her for it?

Do you really think they would allow her to leave the state to campaign?

Do you really think they are EVER going to stop making fun of Trig?

Will conservatives ever shut up about Sarah Palin needing more “experience”?

The whole experience mantra is getting old.  The anti-Palin conservative crowd is making fools of themselves.

I was listening to an interview that SP did with Greta.  She believes the same way I do.  When the Lord opens one door, He closes another.  Her life belongs to Christ.  So does mine.  She is going where He leads.

Just sit back and enjoy the show.  If Sarah Palin follows His lead – WOW!


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