We Are All Palin Fans Now (Except for “Conservative” Pundits)


Those Democrats can’t destroy they denigrate by words like “erratic”.”   I don’t know how anyone can even stand calling themselves a “Democrat” these days.   What I am noticing is that some of my friends who were once marginal Dems and remain that way are starting to get nasty.  Others are now a bit ashamed of the party. The MSM isn’t much better.

It is even possible now that liberals like the Celtic Diva will now feel they are entitled to seek and destroy anyone they oppose, now matter how absurd their lies and no matter what means they use.  Let’s just call it what it is – evil.

Is this the Hope & Change Barack Obama has brought to this nation?

“….The 18 ethics charges filed since she rose to prominence in Republican circles might be the first time the left has successfully used the Cloward-Piven Strategy to stop an individual politician on the national level….In the case of Sarah Palin, political opponents overloaded her with a flood of complaints and consequent legal fees, thus pushing her toward a personal financial crisis and her exit from the public arena.  Like NYC she may come back, but the rules of the game have changed….”

Is there ever an end to their lies?

“…Palin’s lawyers released a statement on Saturday denying allegations her resignation was linked to a criminal investigation on construction of a sports complex in Wasilla. “To the extent several websites, most notably liberal Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore, are now claiming as ‘fact’ that Governor Palin resigned because she is ‘under federal investigation’ for embezzlement or other criminal wrongdoing, we will be exploring legal options this week to address such defamation,” lawyer Thomas Van Flein said in the statement….”

Fortunately cooler heads are prevailing.  One of them is Adam Brickley, who has a fascinating take on the whole thing.  Fun though, is the fact that the same mind-set wrote off Ronald Reagain in 1971.  You gotta love these people.

“…After the 1976 campaign, Newsweek offered a reprise, “Into the Sunset”:  “The concluding line of Reagan’s convention speech—’There is no substitute for victory’—could also turn out to be a epitaph for his own political career.”…”

I guess “Erratic” doesn’t work when we learn that Sarah Palin consulted with John McCain (putting an end to the conservative spew of a feud).  She also consulted with Rick Perry and Rudy.  Last night The Pink Flamingo told you Haley Barbour was also inside the loop.

“…”I have the greatest respect and affection for Sarah, Todd, and their family. I was deeply honored to have her as my running mate and believe she will continue to play an important leadership role in the Republican Party and our nation,” McCain said in a statement e-mailed to Reuters….”

Someone who is quitting with her tail between her red pumps doesn’t do this.

Today I had lunch with friends. Two are Democrats, one a Republican.  All three were terribly annoyed at the liberals who were hounding Sarah Palin.  My Democratic friend told me she doesn’t know how Palin stood it this long.  She said as a mother, Sarah Palin must be absolutely furious.

A very good friend, good Republican, and Pink Flamingo reader emailed this to me earlier today.

“…Sarah was very, very emotional near the end of her speech when attempting to express the hideousness of what she and her family have suffered over the last year. She did not cry or lose control but her rage and pain was palpable. I cried. I am beyond outraged and disgusted at the year long assault on Sarah Palin and her entire family. The Taliban has no edge over the diseased, psychotic collection of Leftist predators who dominate our political and entertainment cultures. At least the Taliban has enough compassion to finish off their uppity women in one conclusive attack….”

This brings me back to my luncheon discussion. Sarah Palin is a woman.  My friend and I were having a sarcastic conversation about the usual goings on in Tombstone and how it was all testosterone related – from the Gunfight at the OK Corral to the battle over the dirt on Allen Street.  It’s nothing but guys being guys.

The really snitty conservative comments about Sarah Palin’s career  being over are coming mostly from the testosterone set.  My friend remarked that one of the things she likes most about Sarah Palin (and she voted for The One) is the fact that she is a woman and doesn’t do things like “the guys”.

My friend observed that because Sarah Palin is a mom, she doesn’t have the luxury of doing things as usual.  She cuts through the “bull” and goes straight to the heart of a problem.


We women don’t look at things the same way men do.  We don’t spend our time scratching, grunting, and a few other “ing” words.  Instead, we have a tendency to go directly to the issue or the problem and do what needs to be done.  If Sarah Palin has accomplished what she set out to do as Governor of Alaska why spend the next two years being a prisoner of vicious hatred by the left.

I know this sounds gender biased, but we women have a habit of “cutting through the crap”.  I think this is what Sarah Palin is doing.  It is going to be fun watching her confound the pundits – a heck of a lot of fun.


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  1. That’s really funny…Obama quit his Senate seat and did not finish his term. He did however continue to take a pay while out on the campaign trail. Will your boss pay you to go and look for a job!

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