Is Lindsey Graham the New Leader of the GOP?


It would be great if Sarah Palin could hit the national scene and give Lindsey a little back-up on issues.  They way it appears now, he’s the only elected GOP official who has stepped up to the plate in a very real leadership role.

Naturally this post will engender the usual “Hate Lindsey” do-do, but then like Sarah Palin, he is pounded by both the left and the right.  When that happens you know the person being pounded is doing something right!

The poor man needs some help.  Right now it appears he’s the only one out there doing the heavy lifting, fighting the good fight, and standing up for Truth, Justice, and the American Way!

Is any other Republican more visible, and doing more to stop Barack Obama?  Please name just one?

Of all the elected officials who have not sought this leadership roll it would be Lindsey.  That was not his intent when he ran for Congress the first time.  All he wanted to do was to serve his country.

Lindsey Graham is a patriot.  He is the finest, most honorable person who has ever served in Washington.  Too bad we don’t have about 300 or 400 people like him.


One thought on “Is Lindsey Graham the New Leader of the GOP?

  1. A “patriot” who refuses to defend our borders?

    A “statesman” who has sold out to the corporate welfare (read “fascist”) elites?

    A “conservative” who supports the current tax system?

    A “Senator” bound by an oath to support the Constitution who promotes undeclared wars for the military-industrial complex?

    The man is a traitor in every sense of the word. The reason he’s being pounded on by so many is that just about everyone but you sees that there is no spine to this “man” who only pulls his finger out of his butt in order to see which way the wind is blowing.

    You think he’s not pleasing anyone? He’s pleasing enough of the corporate elites with his open borders, warmongering, fascist voting record to keep himself in office. Everything else is just window dressing to hide what he really is.

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