Her Blood Cried Out – Neda Was a Christian!


Pam Geller (Atlas Shrugs) has discovered that Iranian hero Neda Soltani was a Christian.  I would now call her a Martyr.

I had a feeling she was, and have been trying to discover information about her faith since her death.

History will cry out for her.

History also has a way of remembering women who die for their faith an for freedom and for condemning people like Barack Obama who come down on the wrong side of it.

I feel sorry for Nada’s family, which I hear has been “relocated”.  I do not feel sorry for Neda, who is now with Christ.  Is  her family even alive?

The one person I do pity, thought, is Barack Obama.

The time has come to stand up for what is right, honorable, and decent.  Barack Obama has basically struck out on all three characteristics.  When someone in his position stands back and allows good, honorable people to die, to quote a liberal friend, “payback’s hell”.  I don’t like using the word “karma” because it is not quit Christian.  But, I truly pity this man, if he does not get his immortal soul straight with Christ.

One of these days or years, Neda Soltani will be venerated as a saint and a martyr.  If she was Anglican or Episcopalian (and there is a growing Episcopalian congregation in Iran) she can be put on our calendar as a martyr and a saint in the next few years.  The process in the Catholic church takes much longer.  Either way, Neda Soltani will be remembered for a thousand years.  Barack Obama, on the other hand, will be nothing but an asterisk in the list of history’s  losers.


4 thoughts on “Her Blood Cried Out – Neda Was a Christian!

  1. Well said Ms. Pink! Thank you.

    Between Neda and Sarah I’ve developed a migraine headache over the past 24 hours. There is something of Biblical proportion going on and women are playing major roles in world events. I have never been a feminist but I feel myself becoming suddenly radicalized and hyper defensive.

    Ms. Sally

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