Barack, Hugo, Honduras & Destroying Freedom


What does Barack Obama have against Freedom?

First he lets the Iranian freedom movement die (literally) and then he decides to stand up with the worst Marxist dictators in the Western Hemisphere.

What terrifies me the most is the following paragraph.  It sure sounds like SOP for Barack Obama and his thug-like criminal supporters. If we do not stop this man in 2010, we can kiss our freedom good-bye.  I wonder if anyone really cares that we are nurturing a despot wannabe in the White House.

I wonder how many of us will end up like Neda before it’s over?

“…A key problem, beyond the corrupted voter rolls and government intimidation, was that Mr. Chávez did not allow an audit of his electronic voting machines. Exit polls showed him losing the vote decisively. But in the middle of the night, the minority members of the CNE were kicked out of the election command center. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Chávez claimed victory. There was never a credible audit of the paper ballots against the tallies in the voting machines….”

Pink Flamingo reader and friend Sally Vee, emailed the URL to a WSJ piece about Barack Obama, Hugo Chavez, Jimmy Carter, Manuel Zelaya, and the role of Marxists in South America.

“…Hondurans have good cause for calling on divine intervention: Reason has gone AWOL in places like Turtle Bay and Foggy Bottom. Ruling the debate on Mr. Zelaya’s behavior is Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chávez, who is now the reigning international authority on “democracy.”

Mr. Chávez is demanding that Mr. Zelaya be reinstated and is even threatening to overthrow the new Honduran president, Roberto Micheletti. He’s leading the charge from the Organization of American States (OAS). The United Nations and the Obama administration are falling in line….This is a moment when the U.S. ought to be on the side of the rule of law, which the Honduran court and Congress upheld. If Washington does not reverse course, it will be one more act of appeasement toward an ambitious and increasingly dangerous dictator….”


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