Silencing the Opposition


Those of us who are Sarah Palin fans and supporters are a little sensitive right now when it comes to the vicious cruel brutality of liberals.  When even the threat of legal action against the lies these monsters are creating doesn’t stop them, well, we have a serious problem.  Mark Steyn thinks it is a sad day for this nation.

I agree with him.

I’ve seen what conservatives have done to Lindsey.  Their lies as as vicious and nasty as those told by liberals.  Then again, liberals have hit a new low with what they have done to Sarah Palin.  Truly, they should not be allowed to get away with their lies.  When their lies drive good, decent people from office, they become a threat to democracy and should be made to pay for their slander.  We have laws to protect the innocent against such things – don’t we?

Lindsey Graham seems to be taking a major leadership roll in opposing the brutality and the fraud that is going on in Iran.  Barack Obama had a luau.

John McCain and Joe Lieberman are joining Lindsey in demanding that western companies that profited by helping to provide the technology to crack down on dissent in Iran be investigated.  They want to help those who are fighting for freedom online.

Barack Obama had a luau while people in Iran are dying and Americans are going without.  Like William Tate wrote in American Thinker, what happens if the POTUS does not stand up for freedom?

While in Kosovo, Sarah Palin gave an inspired speech about freedom to members of the Alaska Guard.  In Iran, the thugocracy clerics have said that dissent is “worthy of execution“.  Atlas has more on a story you sure aren’t getting on FOX All Michael Jackson All the Time NEWS.

While death is the ticket for anyone who dares protest too much in Iran, Barack Obama had a Luau.

AJ Strata thinks that Iran is ratcheting up the violence in Iraq to distract attention from the rebellion in Iran.  Hindsight shows us this could indeed have been the case.  Then again, if Barack Obama had been interested in democracy and freedom maybe fewer people would have lost their lives.  He doesn’t give a rip about the Constitution, that’s for sure.

Barack Obama had a luau.

Even Chuck Schumer has had enough and is calling for measures to be taken against anyone doing business with Iran.  Once again Lindsey is in the middle of the battle.  Even those of you who dislike him must admit that Lindsey has been the point person in Congress promoting Iranian freedom!  Way to go and keep it up!

Want to know how the freedom fighters were crushed?

“…As the Iranian government continues its brutal crackdown on widespread protests of the disputed Presidential election, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer TODAY, Friday, June 26 at 12:45pm in Manhattan will call for an immediate crackdown on any Western company that has sold the sensitive technology aiding the government in monitoring or blocking internet connections or cell phone conversations of the protesters. The Wall Street Journal reported this week that the high-tech systems the Iranian regime has used was developed and sold to the government by major Western technology companies. While U.S. companies are already banned from doing any business with the government of Iran, Schumer today will say there needs to be a global effort to crack down on any companies that aid the Iranians in their suppression of free speech. Schumer will unveil new bi-partisan legislation that would ban any company that sells sensitive technology to the Iranian government from securing a government contract in the U.S. and will make a direct appeal to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urging that the Obama administration demand at next month’s G-8 summit that the EU strengthen its lax export-control policies with regard to Iran….”

It’s like this. Lindsey, John McCain, and Joe Lieberman have introduced legislation that would expand funding to Radio Farda, which is a part of Voice of America.  Air America doesn’t approve of it.  Interesting, isn’t it?

Then again, Barack Obama may be “censoring” the press!

Even Sarah Palin has First Amendment Rights!

Barack Obama has no concept of “freedom”.