A Message from Honduras


We rather eat shit for five months than live like Venezuela or Cuba for fifty years.”

The Pink Flamingo has a friend who has a very close friend who is from Honduras, and still has parents and family living there.  My friend has been waiting to hear from her friend about his family.   I am deleting all names and locations.

“Below is an update from our friend ***** who was raised in Honduras and is now a U.S. citizen, an *****, and lives in *******with his wife & children.*******’s ****** mother, ****** father, and sister still live in Honduras.”

Little by little the truth is coming out

The people of Honduras are on the right side

Their believe is that they can put up with anything for the next 5 months( until elections ) on nov 29

They say. ” we rather eat shit for five months than live like Venezuela or Cuba for fifty years”

After all is said and done Honduras is going to give the whole world a lesson in democracy and how to preserve liberty.

The world is beginning to realize what kind of uneducated animal is Mel, the more he talks the more he shows the world…. Last press conference he gave show the kind of dope head he is…. Literally a dope head… He is a known cocaine user.  Time is in Honduras side… The key is not to let Mel in Honduras and keep Chavez from trying to bring guerrillas inside Honduras

But 90 percent of Honduras is with the new government

The whole world is scared ( all the heads of state) because they realize that Honduras is showing that there is no man above the will of the people and the constitutional law… No matter weather they were elected by one vote or by a landslide.

Honduras just have their own way of removing them.

For those who don’t know… The military in Honduras is the one in charge of protecting the constitution in the event of foreign or domestic forces.

There is no FBI or NSA.

The press here is really not showing the reality… But then again what do you expect… They love socialist dictators….

We just need to ask for the world, and government officials here to give the new government of Honduras a fair hearing… Let them show the facts….

Everyone is ok at home

They are all happy, a bit worry for the future but happy, they know they now have a future, a week ago there was no future but misery and oppression, there is no back down, and the world is seeing that

Mom says she is living history in the making. She thinks that Honduras is coming out of this one a better country. To put it in perspective the country us as united as we were on September 12 2001.

It is incredible how all the political parties ( except for the communist party – about 2 or 3 shitheads) are all united, and proud of protecting the constitution democracy and liberty.

USA should pay attention and learn… It seems we ( US) forget what liberty is all about….

Thanks for your prayers..


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