AMAZING BREAKING NEWS: Michelle Wears Decent Looking Dress!


The Pink Flamingo does try to be fair (once in awhile).  So much time has been spent criticizing Michelle Antoinette’s fashion disasters, I thought it would be nice to point out a half-way decent looking outfit.

From The Swamp:  Michelle and Sarah Brown
From The Swamp: Michelle and Sarah Brown

The woman has no style.  Like most of us, she looks terrible most of the time.  That is a normal way of life for women.  The woman needs to fire her stylist and get someone who knows something.  She did, though, show off her well-toned arms.

1.  Ditch the black shoes.  Follow the Sarah Palin plan and wear something a little flashy.

2.  The skirt is too long.  It needs to be a couple of inches above the knee.  NO ONE can wear a skirt at that specific length and look good.  It is an impossibility.

The press pool thought otherwise

“…Michelle Obama wore black flats and what the print pooler described as a taxicab yellow sheath with an oversize green floral brooch on her left shoulder. “From a distance it looked to be bakelite and frankly resembled lettuce,” the pooler noted….”


3 thoughts on “AMAZING BREAKING NEWS: Michelle Wears Decent Looking Dress!

  1. Why do Obama-Bots have such remarkable grasp of the English language to the point where they can only use profanity?

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. The best part of this entire trip has been Michelle Obama’s Russian experience. The Russians completely ignored her which must have been a real crushing blow to her. For once anti-American Michelle didn’t get the adoring USA liberal press treatment!!

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