NM GOP Chair Speaks Up About Diane Denish & Big Bill


Harvey Yates, Jr. seems to be doing a much better job with the NM GOP than I’ve seen since I’ve lived here.  On Sunday he had an OpEd in the ABQ Journal about NM’s Lt. Governor, DIane Denish.

In many ways New Mexico has been a good training ground for Obamafication: Much of the enterprise system in New Mexico is dependent on government largess; here, government often chooses the business winners and losers; for several years there has been a marked lack of prudence in managing the state’s financial resources, and were New Mexico a nation, it likely would challenge Argentina in the race to debase its currency. Furthermore, in New Mexico — though perhaps not yet a recognized characteristic of Obamafication — businesses regularly pay protection money in the form of political contributions.

For six years New Mexico has been run as if it is the domain of a caudillo. Cross him and there will be retribution! Want to do business with the state? Pay his friends; they will take care of him. Want to do business in the state? A contribution will do. Maybe. But beware the regulations which are set to drive business to his friends.

A caudillo can’t do it alone. Choose the unsavory: a former druggie in the south, a sanctioned broker in the center, a sanctioned broker in the Capital. And more.

Obama chose well for his Commerce secretary. Commerce is so well positioned to squeeze and cajole business. Unfortunately, what likely made Richardson right for the Commerce Department also may make him right for an indictment. Timing is everything, as they say.

Will the Richardson-Denish administration go down in New Mexico history as the most corrupt administration since World War II, if not since statehood? Probably. Hardly a day passes without a news story having to do with corruption.

Will Richardson survive his term? I think not. I predict that the long overdue, serious investigation of corruption in this state will cause his departure. I predict that Diane Denish will be the incumbent governor against whom a Republican runs in 2010.

Some would fault Richardson for the corruption but would not fault Denish. But, if Denish is not to be faulted, why hasn’t she yelled, “Stop”? Corruption has been so prevalent in this state, and so embedded in the Democrat power structure, it is not believable to suggest that she has been unaware of it. Denish has been MIA in opposing corruption. She has been no Pauline Revere.

She moved to the other side of the table when Richardson repeatedly poked at the side of her leg. Why hasn’t she moved to the other side of the table on corruption? Is it not as important? If she has lacked the courage to speak vigorously against corruption, she is unfit to be governor.

Ms. Denish might reflect on this statement made by Martin Luther King Jr.: “To accept passively an unjust system is to cooperate with that system.”

This state must be cleaned up. We must stop the madness. The way to do that is to elect a governor who is dedicated to scrubbing the state clean. Democrats in this state, at this time, are not constituted to do that.”


2 thoughts on “NM GOP Chair Speaks Up About Diane Denish & Big Bill

  1. Diane Denish loves more than just than just spending OUR money on her personal use! She’s also a HYPOCRITE in the LOWEST DEGREE! I knew her when she was in the Council! She screamed at me that I was a RACIST, simply because I asked her to explain some council business that I didn’t understand (and NO I was not yelling or abrupt with her).

    Just this year she did the same thing to all parents (including those whose children attend catholic school). She called THEM Elitist and PRIVILEDGED.

    Tell me how someone with a family of FOUR (making only $49,000 yearly (Before taxes) is a Elitist (simply for sacrificing so their kids will be going to Catholic School!

    I know Denish all too well. She can’t be trusted with our pocket books, she can’t be trusted to treat all people equally, and she can’t be trusted to tell the truth. And THAT is the person who the LIBERALS want as Governor of New Mexico!

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