More NMGOP Comments About Diane Denish


The NM GOP Executive apparatus is becoming better by the day – and it is about time.  This week’s attack is on NM Lt. Governor Diane Denish and how she is part of the corrupt Big Bill Richardson machine.  (FYI – she and 2nd District Congressman & Obama Worshiper Harry Teague are thicks as thieves).

From the NM GOP:

Denish Remains Richardson’s “Good, Loyal Soldier”

ALBUQUERQUE—For six and a half years, Lt. Governor Diane Denish has served as Bill Richardson’s loyal soldier, watching corruption consume the state of New Mexico.  And now in response to recent pressure concerning her silence, Denish kicks her 2010 gubernatorial campaign into gear, attempting to persuade voters that she is a champion of reform.

“For years, the people of New Mexico have been waiting for Diane Denish to take a more active and visible lead on the issue of corruption,” stated Chairman Harvey Yates Jr. “Cosmetic changes to the laws under the guise of corruption reform will not do. What is most important in the battle against corruption is for leaders to stand up against the fountains of corruption in the state.”

In 2008, when asked about a possible endorsement from Richardson, Denish responded that she anticipated the governor’s support for her gubernatorial bid, commenting that she had been “a good, loyal soldier.”

“Indeed, Denish has been a loyal soldier, but this hasn’t altered the corrupt landscape of our state,” said Yates. “The lieutenant governor has been better positioned to move against a seemingly corrupt governor than has almost anyone else in the state.  Had she reached for it, she would have had the microphone.  Unfortunately for New Mexico, corruption continues, as does her loyalty to Richardson,” concluded Yates.

In 2007, during Richardson’s presidential campaign, Denish noted, “As an American and a woman, I am thrilled at the prospect of having someone of such high character and sound judgment in the White House.”  “It has been a privilege to serve with Governor Richardson.”