A Tombstone First (sort of)


Would you believe no movie has ever been actually filmed in the town of Tombstone?  There is some discussion about that little fact, but movies usually aren’t filmed in Tombstone.

David Menges is filming a movie in Tombstone. He was in town the same time I was, last week, and was captivated by its charm.  Tombstone around the Fourth of July is a great place, very small town America, all Red, White, Blue, and charming.  Menges experienced that charm for himself, and is now back to film a movie!

“…Filming began with a bar scene on Thursday, set in an old-fashioned photo studio called Shady Jo’s.

“Out of the dozens and dozens of movies that are about Tombstone or even mention Tombstone, none were ever shot in Tombstone,” Menges said. “From everything that I’ve researched, this is the first movie to be filmed in Tombstone.”

While visiting imdb.com, the Herald/Review learned at least one other film had been produced in Tombstone previously.

Menges plans to fill his cast with people from Tombstone.

“I’ve met several people in this town with acting experience,” Menges said. “Even my camera crews are from here.”

After learning about his plan to shoot a movie in Tombstone, a production company came into town on two different occasions to meet with Menges and the cast members. “I showed them different locations where we planned to shoot, and they seemed really interested,” he said.

But after the second visit, when Menges and the company’s representative couldn’t reach a payment agreement, interest in the movie fizzled out on the company’s part.

Unfazed, Menges put together Tombstone Wild West Productions with the help of Jo Bannister, the owner of Sadie Jo’s Old West Photo Studio. Bannister informed Menges that she had the camera equipment, the experience and the interest in filming the production. In addition, some of the movie’s scenes could be shot right in her studio….”


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