Southerners Are Stupid Fat People


If you read Time, you will discover that Southerners are stupid fat people.  I guess that’s because it is the “Bible Belt” and they have a tendency to vote Republican.  That’s enough to cart ’em all off to Alcee Hastings’ proposed concentration camps and starve ’em into submission, right?

I’ve read some dumb, patronizing articles but this is one of the worst.

“…A 2004 study by the University of South Carolina found that most food-shopping options in rural areas fall into the convenience-store category because grocery stores are located too far away….”

What sort of a person would write something like this?  South Carolina, while rural, is one of the most “linked” highway savy states in the country.   Then she writes the following stupidity.

“…A number of impoverished states — including Montana, Texas and New Mexico — have relatively low levels of obesity. There must be something else…”

“…But who wants to exercise when it’s 100 degrees outside? The South is really hot and humid. Nobody in Mississippi goes running in the summer — at least, nobody sane. Bassett points out that Colorado, the state with the lowest obesity rate (18.9%), is relatively affluent and has a temperate climate and plenty of trails that lend themselves to outdoor activities….It is obvious Claire Suddath knows nothing about South Carolina and even less about New Mexico. So there you have it. Southerners have little access to healthy food and limited means with which to purchase it. It’s hard for them to exercise outdoors, and even when they do have the opportunity, it’s so hot, they don’t want to…”