The Uniquely (female) Political Genius of Sarah Palin


Independents are looking at Sarah Palin as the 2nd coming of Ross Perot.  R

epublicans see her as another Reagan, and liberal Dems see her as another Reagan.

There are independents like the always repulsive Tammy Bruce who see Palin as the new Third Party savior, out to destroy the evil GOP and usher in a thousand years of sweetness and light.

We are looking at Sarah Palin the wrong way.

Willie Brown had it right when he said she is a political genius.  I am now more positive than ever that she is the one who is going to beat The One (almighty). And – she can beat him at his own game.

I thought I knew how savy she was two years ago when Steve Maloney approached me about writing about her – but –  we are standing in the presence of pure, absolute, sheer, magnificent political genius – absolute genius.

Then again we could simply be dealing with a multi-tasking, Hockey Mom, who simply doesn’t have time to play by the little boy rules that have here-to-for dominated politics.

No – that does not allow for the unique political genius of Sarah Palin.


There has been a development I find rather alarming.  With luck it is being blown way out of proportion.  I read somewhere this weekend that Willie Brown thinks Sarah Palin is a political genius.  I think he could be right.  Then again, I am concerned about a reported third party rumor going around.  I hope and pray it is not true.

Palin has made the comment:

“…“I’m not ruling out anything — it is the way I have lived my life from the youngest age,” she said. “Let me peek out there and see if there’s an open door somewhere. And if there’s even a little crack of light, I’ll hope to plow through it.”…”

It is quite simple.  A third party attempt by anyone, including Sarah Palin would prove to be disasterous not only for the candidate, but for the GOP, and most importantly for the country.  Third parties are ALWAYS losers.  They divide the GOP vote just enough to swing a winning election over to the Democrats.

From my way of thinking, what we’re dealing with is a bunch of third party losers who are grasping at any straw, and willing to do anything to make trouble for the GOP.  They are holding on to the following information and trying to run with it.

“…The governor, 45, said she shared former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s view that Republicans, now trailing Democrats and independents in registration in many states, should back moderate to conservative Democrats in congressional districts and states where Republicans stand almost no chance of winning….”

This is not exactly a betrayal of the GOP, considering Newt is of the same opinion.  But, third party troublemakers are using this – quite possibly to make trouble for Palin. Someone who is so politically astute as Sarah Palin would surely NOT cast aside the GOP or the conservative vote.

Certain conservatives are already condemning Sarah Palin as a RINO.  I’m not going to worry my pretty little empty female head about it because I suspect that many of those specific conservatives are actually Romney supporters in lambs clothing.  In fact I know that some of them are, and much of the bad-mouthing SP is experiencing within the GOP comes from those specific individuals. Trust me.


As a Republican I am sick and tired of third party losers, be them libertarians, or something else, lecturing MY party about how we can win. All we need to do is follow their fill in the blanks formula.

We are forced to deal with people like Pat Buchanan and Peter Brimelow, both third party minions, who want to tell the GOP what to do. Richard Viguerie basically bought and paid for hijacked the Libertarian Party last year. It was/is a strange move.

Glenn Beck is one of the most dangerous people in this country.  He is the libertarian version of Elmer Gantry.  I look at him like the traveling medicine show snake oil salesman who rolls into a small wild west town peddling his 150 proof cure to everything.  After talking a good and entertaining game, he sells his wares.  People go wild drunk. Lives are ruined.  The traveling medicine show salesman rolls out of town, much wealthier than before, ignoring the disaster left in his wake.

Good decent Republicans are falling for his snake oil show.  We have an excellent chance of doing some real damage to the Dems in 2010.  BUT – if people like Glenn Beck get their way, the GOP will go down in flames.  Beck is pure doom and gloom.  You can’t have doom and gloom if the GOP wins.  Ergo – the GOP must be destroyed.

Will Beck support Sarah Palin?

Much is being made of Independent talk show host Tammy Bruce and her girl-crush support of Sarah Palin.  I put her in the same league as Laura Ingraham.  Never underestimate their support for Mitt Romney.

Tammy Bruce is using her girl-crush on Sarah Palin to once again denigrate the GOP.  That’s what it is all about – destroying the GOP.  Thus her independent lies.

“...In an interview with the Washington Times, Palin makes her most direct comments yet about Conservatism versus the Republican Party. In my humble opinion, it’s clear the GOP, unfortunately, is lost beyond the point of return. When you’re one year out of key campaigns to take back Congress in 2010 and Meghan McCain is The Oracle of the party, you know it’s over. If Tina Brown thought Ms. McCain’s willing- to be a Useful Idiot for liberals would undermine the conservative movement (and consequently Sarah Palin), she should take a serious and long look at what their attacks on Palin provoked: a stronger, more independent, more determined conservative leader and base….”

This isn’t about Sarah Palin.  This is about Tammy Bruce and her hatred of the GOP and her support for Mitt Romney – and the intellectual dishonesty that will not allow Bruce to tell the truth.

BUT – it shows us something about Palin’s genius.

She appeals to any number of former Hillary supporters, but does have problems with many independents.  The Ron Paul Bots seem to love her.  The Tea Party nazis are charmed by her.   Rush Limbaugh is captivated by her.  Just about everyone in the GOP is solidly behind her save for some really scary Mitt Romney supporters who have done their best to present themselves as the “rank and file” within the GOP who truly dislike her.

Sarah Palin is dominating political air time and column space when she should have melted into the wood-work.



My greatest complaint about the GOP and conservatives in general is the fact that there are times when women have been relegated to the punch & cookie cheap seats.  I’ve been there, done that, and refuse to do it again.  Sarah Palin is different.  She isn’t playing by the rules for women in the GOP (thank God!).  This is not where her political genius lies.

There are very few women in the history of the world who have played the game like a man.  The average women who is in politics is a “Women in Politics”.  They act like a girl, they throw like girls, they manipulate their girlie-ness.  Anyone who knows history knows that throughout the history of the Civilized world can name the powerful female rulers, who attacked and succeeded like a man – by counting the fingers of one hand.

1.  Hatshepsut
2.  Elizabeth I of England
3.  Margaret Thatcher

To achieve what they finally achieved, these women, Palin included, have not baked cookies.  They went out and competed in a man’s world.  They approached politics like a man. They became like the political Borg of their era, learning how to change, moment by moment.

Right now we are being manipulated, “ruled” and destroyed as a nation by a very weak man who pretends to be all things to all people.  He changes with the moment, adapting, manipulating, and appealing to group after group.

Republicans just don’t do that.  If they do, they’re cursed with eternal damnation the way certain conservatives damn John McCain and my friend, Lindsey Graham, ignoring the fact that these are highly successful and powerful men who are national leaders, doing their best to protect and preserve this nation.  How many women do you see doing this?  They simper, they check their nails, and do “women’s things” – even Hillary does this.

Sarah Palin is one of the political Borg.  She adapts.  Instead of simpering, crying about broken nails, and baking cookies (figuratively) she is playing politics with The Big Boys.  When a women does it, they’re revolutionary and ground-breaking, it is so rare.  No one can recognize the fact that Sarah Palin is playing hard-ball, aiming for both the fences and certain portions of the male …. if my mother were to see what I was going to say she would be furious, so I won’t say it…. with bright red finger-nails.

In playing the Big Boy Game, Sarah Palin is showing that, like every successful Republican, she is a poker player.  She’s coming close to holding a queen – king full house. Barack Obama goes out to appeal to a specific group, Palin does the same thing.  She’s milking every group – every media outlet, for all it is worth.

There is no such thing as bad publicity – eventually.  Sarah Palin gets almost as much press as an adored, god-like new boy toy POTUS.  Be it good or bad, she is pulling headlines away from Barack Obama.

She is matching his Borg-like behavior with different groups.  Tammy Bruce has a girl-crush on her, much the same as Chris Matthews’ guy-crush on Barack Obama.  SP is using her.  She is being so abjectly political that it is masterful – and rarely attempted by a Republican.

We are living in the era of political greatness.  Please, stop long enough to enjoy the show.  Please stop long enough to realize we are watching something, someone, so rare, so remarkable, it is breath-taking.

Hatshepsut became iconic, molding ancient Egypt to her likeness, daring to rule like a man – something no other woman had ever done – ever.

Elizabeth became known as Gloryanna. She ruled like her father, loud, bombastic, brutal, and amazingly successful.

Margaret Thatcher matched every move Ronald Reagan made.  Together they ended the Cold War.   She was the political and ideological equal to one of the great Americans.

Sarah Palin has figured out Barack Obama’s political game and his appeal.  Unlike The Big Boys who are still wringing their hands and crying that the end is near, she’s come up with a way to beat him.

If you think Sarah Palin IS NOT running in 2012 as a Republican, I want to sell you some water-front property in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Resistance is Futile.

And so – for those of you foolish enough to think that Sarah Palin is going to desert the GOP and attempt a stupid third party run, get over yourselves.  She’s too smart.  Maybe you should take a hint and shut up already yet about being independent and third party and start acting like an adult and grow up  and be a good Republican and help defeat Barack Obama.

Palin understands we are in a fight for survival.  Don’t ever expect anyone as ambitious or astute to dump her political future down the drain.

She doesn’t do things like everyone else?

No – she does ’em better.


5 thoughts on “The Uniquely (female) Political Genius of Sarah Palin

  1. A Pink Masterpiece.

    You’ve sorted out a whole bunch of things here and provided some astonishing insight. Thank you.

    I caught about two minutes of Rush Limbaugh today and heard the words “third party” twice in that brief time. In fairness, I did not listen long enough to understand his context. Maybe Rush was arguing against a third party which is, as you point out, suicide.

    I am currently trapped in my own house with a visiting family member who typifies the Crazy Con. He thinks Glenn Beck is a genius. That is why I am up at 3:30 a.m. enjoying the few blessed hours of peace and quiet when the black helicopters come in for maintenance ; )

  2. I urge you to watch Glenn Beck every day this week…after you get over the drama, you might decide he is the ONLY person on air or print telling us in plain English how corrupt this administration is and the links to Acorn/sal alinski. He cracks a nut a day and puts it on the Acorn tree.

  3. Sarah Palin has considerable political talent, primarily in her public appeal. The Left has run her out of Alaska because they feared and hated her worse than anyone else. What she doesn’t have (IMHO) is experience in political operations (wheeling and dealing, appointing and administering), and leaving the governorship early rips that wound wide open, sadly.

    As Carl Cannon admitted, the press is extremely hostile to her. That imposes very high standards on her – standards she couldn’t meet in 2008. She may have been fatally damaged.

    I’ve seen an interesting comparison to Palin lately: David Clyde, a pitching “phenom” who was brought to the majors only 18 years old. He was unquestionably a great talent, but he wasn’t ready for the majors, he was overused, and he quickly burned out. He didn’t have even one good season.

    I liked the choice of Palin for VP, but in retrospect it may have been a mistake for her.

    And I’m afraid she can’t win in 2012.

    Re third parties: Perot may have cost the GOP 1992 and 1996, but arguably Nader cost the Democrats 2000. Anderson didn’t hurt Reagan in 1980. It’s not clear what effect Wallace had in 1968 – there were still a lot of yellow-dog-Democrats, even outside the South, who would never vote Republican.

    1948 was truly bizarre. The Henry Wallace and Thurmond candidacies may have made Republicans so complacent that Truman snuck in (turnout was about 9M below the historical trendline). It’s also thought that Thurmond’s fourth-party run may have saved Truman by making him look acceptable to liberals.

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