BREAKING: Will Obama Administration Destroy Space Station?


There is a typical Democrat anti-space plot afoot to basically de-orbit the Space Station in 2016 and let it burn up in the atmosphere.  Democrats, while talking a good game, have historically done everything in their power (post LBJ) to destroy NASA.  They don’t really like science.  If people know science, they can’t be manipulated as badly as they can if they are a bunch of cultural illiterates who look at a 40 hour work week at the local fast food joint as job security.

I’m not that much of a fan of the final version of the ISS, but it is better than nothing.   It is about the fact that this nation has become a bastion of superstitious, mumbo-jumbo, foolish dolts who know nothing about science and could care less about learning anything.

“...NASA has a strategy built on President George W. Bush’s Vision for Space Exploration, of which a return to the moon is the next great leap. The space station’s defenders say it can provide essential research on long-duration spaceflight.

Suffredini argues that any long-term exploration of the universe requires an initial step of learning how to survive in space. The best place to do that is close to the Earth, he said. The space station sticks to low Earth orbit. “It’s also teaching us how to work together as a world, as a planet,” he said.

Although there is no official lobbying going on to extend the mission, NASA is conducting a thorough review of the station to see what it would take to certify it as operational through the late 2020s, Suffredini said. Even in the vacuum of space, things break down, get old, wear out.

Critics have long derided the orbiting laboratory as a boondoggle. Originally called Space Station Freedom during the Reagan years, it became the international space station when the United States lured Russia into a partnership in 1993, agreeing to alter the orbit of the station to make it pass over the Russian-run space complex in Kazakhstan. That agreement helped keep Russian scientists and engineers employed at a time when the United States feared they would become rogue agents in a chaotic world.

The rap on the space station has always been that it was built primarily to give the space shuttle somewhere to go. Now, with the shuttle being retired at the end of 2010, the station is on the spot. U.S. astronauts will be able to reach the station only by getting rides on Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft.

The station has repeatedly been hit with budget cuts and design modifications. Much of its science funding was cut earlier this decade. A centrifuge had been planned as a crucial scientific component of the station, but it didn’t survive the budget axe. Until the end of May, the station had a crew of three, barely enough for housekeeping.

NASA officials say there will be important science performed on the station in the years ahead. The last flight of the space shuttle will install on the station a physics experiment called the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, which will search for dark matter and antimatter….”


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  1. How in any way will any space exploration do anything more than just cost money? What is the gain to going back to the moon?

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