Has Lindsey Cowed Sotomayor?


“…I don’t know how you can justify — if I said that because of my experience as a Caucasian male I am a better person to represent the people of South Carolina, and my opponent was a minority, it would make national news, and it should. I am not going to judge you based on that one statement… I just hope you appreciate the world we live in, and how you can say something like that, meaning to inspire someone, and still have a chance to get on the Supreme Court. Others could not, if they had said anything remotely like that statement. Does that make sense to you?…”  Lindsey Graham

Once again Lindsey hits it out of the park.  Have you seen the video of his interrogation of Sotomayor today?  If not, you should.  You can see an expert attorney at work.  He so out-classes Sotomayor it is pathetic.

If you are following the storyline, you might find it interesting to note that Lindsey is making Sotomayor look very bad.  CNN is even praising his treatment:  According to NRO:

“…Graham is getting rave reviews on CNN. Jeffrey Toobin: “This was an exquisite cross-examination. This guy really knows what he’s doing.” Alex Castellanos, on CNN: Graham’s questioning was “the most honest, and least political, moment of the hearings.” He said Sotomayor’s answers were evasive…”

Link to C-Span Video interrogation