Do You Really Care About My Take on Sotomayor?


I’ve begun to think that Sonia Sotomayor isn’t all that bright.  She’s probably Obama 2.1, but then who knows.  I do know she’s not telling the truth about things, or else she’s another Obama – we don’t know what’s in her.

I think Dennis Miller is correct. Since she is a replacement for Souter, just let it go and win points for being nice.

There are two problems with that approach.

First, Democrats have no honor.  You can’t play nice with them.

Second, INDEPENDENT Conservatives have no honor.  Republicans are too cowardly to stand up to them, which is one reason we’re in such trouble.

She’s going to be confirmed.  It really doesn’t matter what we do.  It’s that simple.  We’re completely out of power, nothing, dirt, pond scum.  Nothing we do matters. Because we can only get negative media coverage, we’re the dirt below the pond scum.

There’s only one way to change this.  We tell the independents to shut up and behave themselves and start taking our country back, district by district, state by state. And – we must be able to keep ACORN in check in order to win these elections, after we’ve received more votes than the Democrats.

Get it?