John McCain Fights for Free Speech & American Defense


When do we get to call the plans Barack Obama and his Dems have for this country what they really are:  Evil.  Now they are putting the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act – to end free speech as we know it.

McCain is furious:

“…”I’ve watched the defense authorization bill move its way through Congress and occasionally, including at other times, I’ve seen amendments put on the bills which are non-germane,” McCain said on the Senate floor. “But I haven’t seen the majority leader of the Senate, whose responsibility is to move legislation through the Senate, take a totally non-relevant, all-encompassing controversial piece of legislation and put it on a bill that is as important to the nation’s security as this legislation is.

“We’re breaking new ground here,” McCain said. ” . . . I’m deeply, deeply disappointed, and I would question anyone’s priorities, anyone’s priorities, who puts this kind of legislation ahead of the needs of the men and women who are serving our military with bravery, courage and distinction.”

…”McCain in turn was deeply critical of the Democratic leadership’s motives in tabling discussion of capping F-22 production and putting forth the hate crimes provision. He warned that such political maneuvering would make it difficult for the Obama administration to shift spending priorities in the massive Pentagon budget.

“Senator Reid’s priority is not the defense of the nation and what needs to be done,” McCain said Wednesday. “This is about whether the president will be able to sustain his program on what weapon systems we need for the good of country or if parochial issues will prevail.”…”