Harry Teague Once Again Sells Out NM and Freedom


Last week I sent an email to NM 2nd District Congressman Harry Teague.  I wanted to know how he was planning to vote on the two bills that were designed to do serious damage to our freedom of speech.

I received an email from him Monday afternoon.  I have a feeling I’m going to be on his you know what list rather soon.

Steve Pearce SO has my vote!

July 13, 2009

Dear SJ,

Thank you for contacting me about H.R. 1913, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009. I have spent over 30 years working to build prosperity and opportunity in Southern New Mexico, and I appreciate having the benefit of your views as I continue that work in the United States Congress.

As you may know, H.R. 1913 would widen federal jurisdiction over hate crimes and expand the categories of protected persons to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

Like you, I am very concerned about the potential impact of this legislation. I believe we must ensure that the laws we pass apply equally to all Americans, not just a chosen group.  We also must be very wary of passing any law that has the ability to impact American’s constitutional right to free speech.

HR 1913 was introduced on April 2, 2009 by representative John Conyers.  It was approved by the full House on April 29th.  It has now been received in the Senate for consideration.  Please know that I will be mindful of your views should the House have another opportunity to vote on this measure.

Thanks again for contacting me about this important issue.  As a newly elected Member of Congress, I am currently in the process of opening several offices around the district and setting up an online office as well, all with the purpose of providing you the highest possible level of access and service.  Please watch out for coming announcements, and do not hesitate to get in touch if I can assist you.  I hope to see you in Glencoe someday soon.


Harry Teague
Member of Congress


3 thoughts on “Harry Teague Once Again Sells Out NM and Freedom

  1. Seriously, why the bitching? No where in his statement does he state he supports this bill. Nor should it push you to support Pearce.

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