The Era of Barack Capone


It is the perfect merger:  Chicago thugs and Chicago Communists. Only in Chicago could something like this happen.  Local thug makes good.  Only in Chicago could a two bit little pot-smoking chameleon rise to power through threats, intimidation, and outright character destruction.  Call it what it isAl Capone meets Fidel Castro.

A friend emailed that Marxism is nothing more than a license to steal.  People like Barack Obama and his cronies want to take everything those who have worked all their lives have accumulate and give it to their acolytes, to insure their electoral longevity.

The difference between Obama and his Democratic minions is they’re not going to march us, out-right, to the gulags and death camps.  Instead, they will kill us slowly, through socialized medicine.  My guess is those of us who oppose Obama will be somehow denied access to medical treatment.  By socializing medicine Barack Obama takes over one 6th of our economy.  He will ration pay to health care providers, and care.  More people go on the welfare rolls, dependent upon the Federal Government.

If you kill off our Senior Citizens – a fine and fitting fate for the Greatest Generation, then you limit the life expectancy of us – the Baby Boomers, Obama and his goons will be dealing with voters from then on who are poorly educated.  They don’t even know how to think.  Obama can establish his Marxist-Criminal Empire and no one will have the brains to stop him.

I see my parents and their generation absolutely terrified and heart broken.  My nieces and nephew think any complaint about Obama is racist.  He’s the first African American President.  We should bow down and worship him and repent of our racial guilt.  Our country is evil.  Right now people like my parents, who should be enjoying their new house, which they now refuse to build, are instead, depressed and so very sad.

We, the Baby Boomers were sold a bill of goods that our generation could live past a century mark.  Forget that.  Obama is going to have us dead before we are 70.  It is Soylent Green all over again.

The worst part of it is our rank and file Republicans, not the elected officials who are vainly fighting a losing battle, don’t seem to even care.


3 thoughts on “The Era of Barack Capone

  1. Soylent Green is the perfect analogy. I believe it is absolutely true that if the Dem Rats are not stopped, I will eventually be snuffed out, ground up and turned into rat food.

    Here is something I never thought I’d say: I am beginning to feel a powerful urge to submit. Yeah, there is such an overwhelming feeling of menace and inevitability about the evil that is upon us. I know this an urge sent from Hell and it must be fought, but there are days when I lose the battle and yearn to get it over with. The menace, combined with my deep and growing dislike for a majority of my fellow citizens, adds up to a very cynical and disturbing state of mind.

  2. You comments reflect the way I am feeling. My frustration level is growing, but it isn’t just over what is going on in DC. I think it is spilling out in all directions.


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