Will Heather Wilson Run for Governor


According to Heath Haussaman, Heather Wilson is thinking about running for governor.  While she would not be able to beat Steve Pearce in a primary because of the conservative nature of the GOP voter, she can sure do damage running for governor.

She has my vote.

Right now I’m looking at the best of both worlds.  Steve Pearce is back where he belongs, running for 2nd District Congress against that horrid Harry Teague.  With luck Heather Wilson will run for governor.  I know a number of Democrats who will vote for both, but not for the same office.

Things here in NM could be looking up.  If we could limit the number of corrupt (all of ’em) Democrats elected, we can make a few changes here!

It sure looks like the GOP is getting its act together here in New Mexico.  If this is the case, and NM is one of the most pathetic GOP bastions in the country, you know, things could indeed be on the upswing!