NASA Has Lost Its Greatest Supporter


Why is The Pink Flamingo so vehemently opposed to the Tea Party Movement?

The answer is Walter Cronkite.

During the dark days of the early years of the Reagan Administration  Reagan was so busy trying to save the economy, he really did not have time to salvage NASA.  Jimmy Carter and his liberally little Democratic friends were doing unto NASA then what Obama and his nasty little Democratic friends are doing unto it today.

The Pink Flamingo, at that time, was the only woman on the National Coordinating Committee for Space.  We were trying to figure out a way to accomplish two things.  We wanted to popularize the disaster we were facing within the space program because of Carter’s liberal stupidity.  The only way to do this, we all knew, was to somehow get Walter Cronkite on our side, out there, as a spokesman.

There were a few of us who wanted to promote a massive grass-root effort almost identical to the Tea Party Movement.  We were told by staffers on the Hill, including a representative of New Gingrich, that such a thing would be disastrous because we would never be able to pull the huge numbers necessary to generate popular attention – and they were talking close to a hundred thousand people literally marching on Washington.

Second, if we were to try such a thing, we would never be able to get Walter Cronkite’s attention because our cause would never be taken seriously. We opted to use contacts within the National Space Club to contact Cronkite.  He ended up doing a series of commercials promoting the importance of space exploration.  If we had gone the Tea Party route, it never would have happened.

We all recognized the most important voice to promote and support our dying space program was Walter Cronkite.  Ironically, we are in the same position once again.  Only now we have no venerable spokesperson to help us.  Even though we knew Cronkite was a “closet” liberal at the time, he was reliable because he was intelletually honest.  Today there are very, very few members of the media who are that honest, FOX included.

The greatest moment in my life was that day, nearly 40 years ago when we finally landed on the moon.  I cannot separate that moment from Walter Cronkite.  Two things cemented the very course of my life.  First was Cronkite’s coverage of the space program.  The second was the Woodward & Bernstein story of Watergate.

Perhaps nothing flashes red alert about our society more than the fact that my generation grew up on Walter Cronkite.  Today the under 30 crowd gets their news from comedian Jon Steward. We’re now dealing with a generation of people who are so ignorant and so stupid a quarter of them believe that lunar landing did not even happen.  The great irony is Cronkite’s successor at CBS, Katie Couric, has done more to destroy the image of the impartial journalist

And that’s the way it is.


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