Why I Detest Non-Republican Conservatives


Conservatives are for sale – NOT THE GOP.

Would someone please explain to far right conservatives there is a difference between them and the GOP?

Would someone please tell me the logic of damning the GOP for the actions of the ACU, without reporting that the Politico could be making trouble?  I’m not a huge fan of the ACU because of CPAC and some of the questionable creatures allowed to hog the cconservative spotlight at their annual convergence, but this story is not about the GOP, and shame on the usual anti-GOP conservatives for linking it.

I’m not talking about liberals, but am talking about the usual anti-GOP conservative sources. Once again, if these usual source conservatives were honest, they might just note that this isn’t the first time the ACU has been caught doing this sort of thing before and the GOP tried expose him.

“…Recently he’s also been the target of a tough letter signed by 33 House Republicans, including Sue Myrick, chairman of the Republican Study Committee. “The individual actions of Mr. Keene have placed in doubt the ACU’s commitment to” conservative principles, they wrote.

They were objecting to Keene’s endorsement of Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, a liberal Republican, over his conservative primary challenger, Rep. Pat Toomey. Keene called Specter a “standup guy” despite his “anemic” 47 percent rating from the ACU. Toomey received a “spectacular” 97 percent, which was still not good enough to garner Keene’s endorsement….”

Do you smell a rat in this whole ACU pay for play thing?  A number of conservative and liberal blogs are using the article in the in the Politico to  take down any number of Republicans.   Naturally the story is coming from the Politico and Mike Allen.  Instead of checking to see if the story is “off” a little, conservatives are damning the GOP.

“...ALEXANDRIA, VA – The following statement is being issued by ACU Executive Vice President Dennis Whitfield due to Politico’s unverified accusations contained in an article and a false headline editors chose to publish today regarding the NLRB: “An article containing a false headline has been published by Capitol Hill newspaper Politico today regarding an issue with expansion of the National Labor Relations Board….Mr. David Keene’s name was on a letter prepared by another organization.  This was a personal decision on his part and he was not representing ACU at the time.  No permission was given by ACU, and no logo was provided by ACU, to the organization who issued the letter in question….No contributions, to date, regarding this issue have been given or promised to ACU from any organization mentioned in the Politico article….ACU is happy to receive support from individuals and organizations that support our policy objectives and we will continue to do so.”  …”

Michelle Malkin is featuring a post slamming the GOP for the pay to play actions of the American Conservative Union, a group that is NOT Republican, but conservative.  The real problem with conservatives like Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, Tammy Bruce, Laura Ingraham, and half the conservative blogsphere is that Republicans don’t have the God-given common sense to separate themselves from this ongoing blight.

Maybe people like Malkin should TELL THE TRUTH about the ACU story – and tell the truth about their extreme views.  She should also tell the truth about the white supremacist people she supports and quit damning the GOP>

We are treated to an endless barrage of conservative organizations who haven’t the courage to come out and be Republican.    Now non-GOP conservatives are calling down the thunder to destroy the GOP because of the usual NON REPUBLICAN suspects.

All that really matters to these people is to pull incompetent Republicans out of the woodwork and promote them into the second coming when they slam the GOP and become “conservative icons”.  One of the most glaring examples of this is Mark Sanford and the way Malkin promoted him into this great conservative savior.  Other conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans took their cue from her and made Sanford the next great one, ignoring protestations from The Pink Flamingo, telling you – for months, that Sanford was a total incompetent fake.

Conservatives who are not Republican seem to attack themselves to ultra conservative Republicans who grandstand for their attention.  Jim DeMint is probably the top example of this.  DeMint vowed to basically destroy Obama over health care.  He’s grandstanding while others are working behind the scenes to stop Obama, but then any group labeled “Conservatives for…” only cares about the grandstanding.

Then there are the libertarians who will DO ANYTHING to destroy the GOP.  Don’t ever think they are conservative.  Then there are the anti-immigration groups who are basically racist in nature.  They’ve done more to harm the GOP than any other brand.

People like Malkin and her ilk are doing more to hurt the GOP than the Dems ever could. Why conservative Republicans even give them a break is beyond my comprehension.  The only thing Republicans are actually guilty of is being just plain S-T-U-P-I-D when it comes to non-GOP conservatives.


2 thoughts on “Why I Detest Non-Republican Conservatives

  1. I never did comprehend how being MORE (conservative) of what those you are trying to get (Independents) are NOT was going to help the GOP win.

    The fact is that the third party wannabes make up about 3% of the voters…Republicans and Democrats 30% EACH…and the Independents make up the rest. NO PARTY can win without the Independents.

    When moveon dot com pushed their liberal agenda, the Dems lost everything. The same is happening with the Republicans.

    But here’s the difference…moveon never wanted to destroy the Democratic party…they understood that their far Left views was not shared by Independents and allowed Dems to appear to move to the center. The Talk Show Mafia and the “real” conservatives (aka Libertarians, Reaganites, Constitutionist) really think that out of the ashes of the GOP party, like a phoenix, will rise their hard right group and their extreme views will somehow win over those that don’t share them.

  2. Thanks for the comment. That reminds me there have been a couple interesting developments along that line today. Need to write about it.


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