Did Big Bill Throw Obama Under the Bus?


“…“I’m worried about the deficit and I think we’ve got to be careful about another stimulus package right now because I think the first stimulus package is working“…”  Big Bill Richardson

Never one to let a little scandal get in the way of a few headllines, Big Bill Richardson has resurfaced after spending a few months sulking.  On Wednesday he was in La-La Land trying to steal Hollywood out from under The Governator.

One of the things Big Bill has done for New Mexico is make it movie friendly, with an A-list of films and stars that would make Lucy Ricardo lose her mind.  (Rumor has it 2 A-List stars are either re-locating to Lincoln County or have already moved here.  – I knew I’d seen one of them in  the local Wally-world and Starbucks).

The A-List moves to New Mexico include a portion of the Sundance Film Festival.


Big Bill appears to be tossing Barack Obama under the bus when it comes to spending.  This could be a rather interesting development.  Big Bill is not happy with the proposals for Health Care reform.

“…“I’m personally very concerned about the cost issue, particularly the $1 trillion figures being batted around,” said Gov. Bill Richardson, the New Mexico Democrat who served in the Clinton cabinet and ran for president against Mr. Obama….”

“...New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said he likes President Barack Obama’s plan to use public and private options for health care, but he worries Congress will dilute the plan and pass billions in new expenses on to states. “We can’t afford that, and that’s not acceptable,” Richardson said….”


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