That ‘Interesting Times’ Curse & Politics


Are you frustrated?

Do you lash out at people?

Are you short tempered?

Do you find it difficult to deal with every day problems?

Are the issues in Washington causing you to lose perspective?

Are you depressed?


If so, you’re a Republican, just like The Pink Flamingo.

We are, on a daily basis assaulted from both the far left and the far right. We must put up with advise from idiots on the right who are little more than poster children for racists. Not only do we have Barack Obama’s strong-arming tactics, but we also have spoiled, obnoxious, demanding conservatives who are little more than nasty brats. Either they are so far right, or so sophisticated, that nothing decent Republicans can do pleases them.

Then there are the nut-jubs like Ron Paul and his Tea Partying tiptoes through the tulips with Nazis Ron Paul Bots. They have a tendency to hang out with moronic Losertarians who are now threatening the jobs of any GOP Senator who votes for Sonya Sotomayor. I guess that’s the way they ruined Norm Coleman, the Losertarian candidate doing just enough damage to insure Al Franken would give the Dems a 60 vote majority in the US Senate.

Allegedly one of the great Chinese curses is, “May you live in interesting times.”

First of all, Mark Sanford offered an apology.  I am reminded of the classic Jimmy Swaggert “I have sinned”, confession.

By golly this weekend has been interesting, that’s for sure.  One of The Pink Flamingo’s blogging friends left a comment on my rant Why I Detest Non-Republican Conservatives.

Sanity 102 wrote:

“…But here’s the difference…moveon never wanted to destroy the Democratic party…they understood that their far Left views was not shared by Independents and allowed Dems to appear to move to the center. The Talk Show Mafia and the “real” conservatives (aka Libertarians, Reaganites, Constitutionist) really think that out of the ashes of the GOP party, like a phoenix, will rise their hard right group and their extreme views will somehow win over those that don’t share them.”

I would not have thought much about it other than the fact that she is one of the rational beings in the world and a staunch supporter of GWB.  I respect her opinion.  Then I found some fascinating tidbits bouncing around the web this evening.

1.   It is possible sev. Dems are thinking about switching parties.  I am seeing two versions of the story.  The one I’m more inclined to believe is that the Blue Dogs are going to do the Dem thing and betray the GOP.

2.  There are conservatives who are truly starting to walk into the light of rational political thought.   Melissa Coultier get is.  A bad Republican is far better than a good Democrat!

3.  Can we really trust Ron Paul, who BTW, dissed SP in a rather hilarious manner.  The man is a jerk.

4.  And  most importantly, Rick Moran has FINALLY discovered the real reason The Pink Flamingo has a serious problem with independents.   You think The Pink Flamingo is nasty for saying bad things about the Tea Parties?  These people are crazy.

“…Conservatives will laugh this kind of thing off as an aberration. But I am telling my fellow righties that we ignore this crap to the detriment of the rest of us who oppose the administration’s actions. With pop-cons like Hannity, Beck, Coulter, and other conservative celebrities mouthing some of this nonsense (while implying even worse) on a daily basis, more and more of the base are turning into unhinged, screaming maniacs who believe America is being “destroyed” by Obama and the liberals….”

The Pink Flamingo has been watching the far right, conservative blogshere for a good five years, long enough to see patterns and trends. Right now I am seeing a trend dealing with the conservative coverage of the Sotomayor hearings and other things.

We are learning that the Libertarians are threatening to hold responsible any Senator who votes for Sotomayor. Give me a break. Thanks to a Losertarian candidate in Minnesota we now have Senator Al Franken and a 60 vote majority. Thanks a lot guys.

NOTHING the GOP currently does can please the far right sophistication of inside the Beltway pundits. People like Byron York and Peggy Noonan are beginning to reach a point where their protestations about the inept GOP are beginning to expose the rank underbelly of actual ignorance when dealing with reality. York thinks the GOP did not look good going after Sotomayor. If Mitt Romney were doing the questioning, York would be slobbering his approval. It’s that simple.

NON-GOP conservatives are after Republican Senators who may or may not vote for her, ignoring Newt, who said the following:

“…Even former House Speaker Newt Gingrich — who created a stir and political difficulties for his party by suggesting a remark by Sotomayor was “racist” shortly after she was nominated — acknowledged Friday that she came across in the hearings as “dramatically more moderate” than she had before. Still, he said it would be four or five years before it was clear whether she’d be a justice who would please conservatives or one who won confirmation by “fundamentally misleading the Senate.”…”

Court tapes show that Lindsey is right about Sotomayor.

There is something wrong with this picture. Allahpundit and The Pink Flamingo agree about the Sotomayor vote.

“...Throwing a tantrum over Sotomayor would have been pointless, not only because she’s a lock given the current make-up of the Senate but because she’s never been known as a liberal firebrand from the bench. The smart way to play it was they played it:…”

We are starting to see NON-Republican conservatives start their usual damning of the GOP because Republicans in the Senate are NOT living up to THEIR petty, despotic demands. I’m reading nasty things about Mitch McConnell, even though he has openly stated he will NOT be voting for her.

“...‘If, however, Judge Sotomayor were to become a Supreme Court Justice, there would be no backstop. Her rulings would be final. She’d be unencumbered by the obligation of lower court judges to follow precedent. She could act more freely on the kinds of views that animated her troubling and legally incorrect ruling in the Ricci case. That’s not a chance I’m willing to take.’…”


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  1. now it is very good to see that you also agree that the media and conservative voices in america need to be controled, this is very good as knowing that a number of republicans will also agree with the media legislation that will help stop this nonsense from happening, it needs to be controled at government level, as if it were there be no cazy minority tea party goers, dont worry if option one fails the first time around option 2 will get the problem resolved buy out the net work and silence the minority. i am sure it want cause a rucus as with the blue dogs once you find the dirt on the floor, ie infidelity, breaking laws that have prison terms connected if found guilty, alienation from party funds ect. the new networks are no better just not the preferred option.

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