Revisiting the Wise Latina


Sonia Sotomayor is liberal.  Barack Obama won.  To the winner goes the spoils, it’s that simple.  Obama, is POTUS, God Help Us All.  She’s his nominee.  It’s that simple.


When I first hear about Sonia Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” statement, I gave her a pass, thinking it was something she said, and let it go at that.  Then I discovered she said it more than once.  That’s a problem.  The fact is, after giving the woman a pass, I’ve had to reconsider my original comments – completely.

Wisdom, like humility is a funny thing.  My grandfather Froehlich had a very healthy sense of humor.  He would often remark that he was quite proud of his humility. If a person must talk about either their humility or their wisdom, then they have none.

When King David died, his son and successor Solomon, was asked by God what gift he wanted.  Solomon asked for wisdom instead of riches.  God was so pleased by this request that Solomon was granted both.

My mother says wisdom is a gift from God.  I agree with her, but I also think it is a character trait  My grandfather Froehlich was an extremely wise person.  A few of his descendants who pride themselves on their “wisdom” are the most foolish individuals I’ve ever known.

I’ve come to believe people who herald and promote their “wisdom” are extremely foolish people, very lacking in judgment and the tools necessary to make good choices in life.


The primary reason I can no longer support Sonia Sotomayor (not that it makes a difference) is because she views herself as a “WISE” Latina.  I don’t care about the racist thing.  She’s a liberal and liberals are racist.

What bothers me is the fact that she considers herself “wise”.  If we knew that she had a sense of humor and a healthy sense of self-deprecation I could give her a pass, but we all know she does not.  She takes herself and her position and her wisdom very seriously.

Anyone who takes their wisdom very seriously has none.

Anyone who does this isn’t fit to be a local traffic court magistrate let alone one of the most powerful judges in the land.

It just isn’t the wise thing to do.


I’ve given Sotomayor leeway on the “wise Latina” racial over-tones simply because I’ve just realized I’ve been guilty of a very serious racial double standard.  Regular Pink Flamingo readers are well aware I am very quick to point out the racial double standard when dealing with those of my own race.  I am also quite slow in pointing out when certain “minorities” are racist.

The Pink Flamingo is very careful about using sources that are racist.  Consequently you rarely see me quote the Washington Times, it’s editors, former editors, and just about anyone connected with it.  There was (and may still be) a blatantly racist stance at the newspaper, owned by cult leader Sun Mung Moon.

I am very careful about linking or quoting Michelle Malkin, who is associated with the extremely racist VDare and Peter Brimelow.  I do not respect 99% of the anti-immigration movement and individuals involved for the very same reason.   I am very quick to point out KKK, white supremacist, and neo-Nazi ties to any number of “respected” conservative, independent, and third party individuals and groups.  And – because of this, I have lost friends, been ridiculed, lied about, and often treated quite badly by people who should know better and are blogging primarily for self-promotion.  Believe it or not, I really don’t care because I am very careful with my sourcing and can basically prove just about any accusation I make.

I have this theory that Republicans and conservatives are better than liberals and Democrats and must be held to a higher standard.

So, would someone please tell me why I gave Sonia Sotomayor a pass for an obviously racist statement, that is indicative of an abjectly racist personal, political, and judicial philosophy of life.  Like my friend Lindsey said, if he’d uttered that sort of statement, he’d be finished.

Then again, if we were to disqualify Sonia Sotomayor for being a racist, we’d probably need to disqualify Barack Obama, Barbara Boxer, Jessie Jackson, John Conyers, Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Moore, Maureen Dowd, Chris Matthews, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, and just about every other liberal.  For them, racism is a deity-given right.

Democrats are so busy screaming racism in a crowded room that they are now incapable of recognizing real racists when confronted with them.  They are quick to point out the racists among “us” but don’t recognize when the people they support are just that.

This said, I think the GOP should vote for Sotomayor.  One of the reasons is to highlight the racial double standard.  When Dems point out real or alleged racism in conservatives, they sound like a broken record, using it to defame, denigrate, and brutalize ALL of us.  We don’t even have the votes for a filibuster.

The real danger to the GOP comes from non-Republican conservatives who are demanding people they don’t even bother supporting not vote for Sotomayor. There are times when I don’t know which group is worse, Democrats or third party or independent conservatives.

These people are demanding the GOP stand up to the Dems.  Perhaps the Republican Party needs to stand up to them, instead.


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