So Far Just One Small Baby Step


“..The American space program, the greatest, grandest, most Promethean — O.K. if I add “godlike”? — quest in the history of the world, died in infancy at 10:56 p.m. New York time on July 20, 1969, the moment the foot of Apollo 11’s Commander Armstrong touched the surface of the Moon.”….”  Tom Wolfe

Former shuttle astronaut Chuck Bolden was sworn in as Administrator of NASA a few days ago.  Will he preside over a working space agency, or has he been brought in to over-see the wake?

Next month Obama will be advised on the direction to take NASA.  Knowing Barack Obama and his love for hand-outs and control, kiss your space program good-bye.  That’s how liberals operate.  They see NASA as a useless piece of junk to be cut to pander to various constituents, primarily able bodied welfare recipients.

Our future is in private systems and the commercialization of space, but will Obama, that special little Rasputin and his czars allow it to happen?  I can see a scenario where commercialization is so ham-strung by regulation that it withers and dies.  After all, Obama doesn’t want this nation to do anything remarkable.

And so, we have reached the 40th Anniversary of One Small Step.  Unfortunately that it is all it has been – one small baby step.

I grow angry and impatient having gone down this road before during the Carter Administration.  Then I stop to think about the history of the “Wild West”.  Thomas Jefferson cemented the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.  The Santa Fe Trail was so dangerous and so problematic, that, in the 1848 when gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill, it was a very dangerous trip.  The whole region of the “Wild West” did not truly open up until after the Civil War.

I guess we’re still on schedule.   Then again, you might want to read what Tom Wolfe has to say about it.