Al Franken’s First Piece of Legislation


Something is wrong with this picture.  I actually approve of Al Franken’s first piece of legislation.  He wants to expand the number of service dogs available to wounded vets.

Years ago when I was a member the same Sertoma Club as Lindsey (I sponsored his membership), or chapter helped finance service dogs.  If you’ve never been near one, or don’t know about their training and the work they do, I highly recommend you get to know one.  They are amazing, wonderful animals.

I like the idea of using prisoners to train service dogs.  Not only do the dogs eventually help the lives of those who need them, but the whole process probably does more for rehab for prisoners than the people who end up with the dogs.

I think the costs that Franken is quoting can be deferred by using prisoners to help train the dogs, but I think this is a worth-while piece of legislation.

“…Franken’s legislation was inspired by a meeting he had last January with a wounded former Iraqi intelligence officer and his golden retriever, “Tuesday.”

“Service dogs like Tuesday can be of immense benefit to vets suffering from physical and emotional wounds,” wrote Franken.

Franken said service dogs typically cost about $20,000 to train and another $5,000 to place with a veteran — a cost that is well worth the investment.

“It is my strong belief that a service dog will more than pay for itself over its life, and my bill is designed to determine the return on investment with a pilot program that provides service dogs to hundreds of veterans,” said Franken….”