The Orbit Not Taken – The Curse of the Obamacare Zombies


Once upon a time we lived in a nation where science, technology, and patriotism melded together into one of the halcyon moments in human history.

We went from the lowly Redstone to the mighty Saturn V rockets in less than a decade.  During that time three good, brave heroes gave their lives for a dream. On January 27, 1967 Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, Ed White, and Roger B. Chaffee were killed in a training exercise in the Apollo 1 capsule.  As a result, no longer was a 100% oxygen mix used, and the emergency hatch system was changed.

The deaths of Grissom, White, and Chaffee slowed our journey to the moon, but did not stop it.

In those days we had a tremendous amount of national will and national pride in what was good and strong in America.  Those forces are what took us to the moon.

Then Jimmy Carter was elected POTUS.  The ultimate liberal, he did not believe in the greatness of the American Spirit.  He ultimately condemned our American space program to a slow, lingering, and tortuous death.

Ronald Reagan was a huge fan of space.  So was his VP, George H. W. Bush.  They militarized space.  Bill Clinton did no harm.  Then came George W. Bush who had a love of this nation and our greatness that has been un-matched.  His goal was to take us back to the Moon and on to Mars with permanent settlements.

Now, though, we are once again cursed with a liberal administration.  Barack Obama, who refuses to produce his birth certificate to even prove he is a legally entitled to be POTUS, has no concept of American Greatness. He not only does not comprehend the depth and greatness of the American Spirit, but he fears it to the point where the goal now is to destroy everything great about this nation.

All Obama and his liberal minions care about is buying favors for their cronies.  They think that using hard earned tax payer dollars to curry favor and buy votes is acceptable.


Can you imagine what could happen if all those hundreds of billions dumped into bail-outs and insane “stimulus” spending could be channeled into a grand vision of space exploration and colonization.

We cannot even begin to imagine the benefit to humanity.

Do you realize the millions of jobs that will be eventually created in an explosive economy where good, high tech jobs trickle down from NASA to contractors to the private sector.
Do you know that one of the very few segments of the Federal government that actually generates money from money spent via the budget is NASA?

There are varying studies that say anywhere from $10.00 to $18.00 dollars are generated in the private sector for every SINGLE DOLLAR spent on NASA.

Do you realize what a bon this is for tax-payers?

Do you realize what this could do, coupled with making GWB’s tax rates permanent could do?

We would have an economy that was exploding in growth.

Can you imagine the job growth as they explode like psychodellic mushrooms?

Can you even imagine the new technology that would be created?

We are only now truly beginning to reap the extraordinary advances of 50 years of a space program that has floundered for nearly 38 of those years.  Just about any “high tech” item you have in your home now comes from a “spin-off” or technology transfer from NASA.

If we were to invest in a revitalized national space effort on the scale of Apollo, with very real end results, we would not be hemorrhaging jobs.  Instead, we must throw dollar after dollar into a revitalized welfare state where expectations for life are lowered to the point where there are none.

Instead – if money would be INVESTED in a revitalized space program with the goals of permanent colonization and the movement of humanity into space our economy would begin expanding like a red giant star into a white hot economy that would explode like a super nova throwing star dust all over the nation.

Unfortunately the nation now is being assimilated into socialism, Marxism, and a form of anti-ownership, anti growth, fascism that is threatening to destroy all that has made this nation good.  Barack Obama is turning this country into a totalitarian monstrous welfare state that will stifle growth, jobs, and our future.  He is like a black hole, sucking up all that is good, turning us into a nation of serf, being lead by his commissar system.

The only people the Democrats want left in the country are the ones who live like leaches off the government tit, sucking up Obama-largess, damning future generations to virtual slavery.  Babies are to be aborted and the elderly are to be terminated.  Those of us who are not perfect are due to be terminated.

It is about population reduction.
It is about Obama saving the planet.
It is about Obama becoming the next Stalin, Castro, or even Hitler.

Those of us who oppose him are due to be terminated at a later date.

Instead of the glorious future Arthur Clark envisioned in his 2001 series, we are condemned to wonder the Land of the Lost like Zombies, brain dead, Obamacare Zombies.

A strong, vital space program insures a vital, active, and healthy population of people living and growing exploring the universe.  The world Barack Obama now controls is nothing more than a culture of death on demand.