A Dinosaur Seen Near ABQ – ONLY in New Mexico


Just when you thought it was safe to travel the deserted highways and byways of New Mexico – low and behold – a DINOSAUR pops up, out of no where – and I’m not talking museum dinosaurs!

Unfortunately, it dates back to 1969, but then that UFO crashed only what – 2o years earlier?

“…“During 1969, I was a National Science Foundation Senior Research Fellow at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, U.S.A. One evening, my wife Anne and I were invited to dinner by an anthropologist we knew. He told us how the driver of the school bus was driving to collect the children when he saw a large animal step over the fence at the side of the road. Some weeks later, he saw our friend’s children with a dinosaur book. He claimed he had never seen a picture of a dinosaur before and the animal he had seen was exactly like the picture of Diplodocus. So our friend advised him to keep a camera in the bus. He saw the animal once again, but he had forgotten the camera!”…”

As someone who would love to see a real life dinosaur outside of Jurassic Park, and speaking as a resident of New Mexico for nearly a dozen years, I must ask the following questions:  Was the party who saw the alleged dinosaur sober?  What color was the creature?  If it was pink or lavender, remember, NM still had drive through adult beverage sales back then!